How can I tell if my pekingese dog is pregnant?

s_heath005: how can I tell if my pekingese is pregnant?
I have 2 pekingese and they “hooked up” for the first time on christmas morning. They have since then hooked up several times. She is very moody now and sleeps alot could she be pregnant? How do I find out?

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Answer by Shannon
She definitely could be pregnant, but there should be signs by now. Gently press on her tummy adn see if you can feel lumps about the size of walnuts. DO NOT push hard. If you can feel multiple lumps, these could be babies. Moodiness and sleeping a lot are signs of pregnancy, and at this point, she may also be getting sick in the morning.

However, the only way to tell for sure that she is pregnant would be to go to the vet. The vet can due an x-ray showing the pups so you know how many to expect. This will help you when she gives birth, because if she retains a fetus, it can be deadly.

Good luck!

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