German shepherd or rottweiler for family?

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jabba h: German shepherd or rottweiler for family/all around deterrent dog?
I need suggestions on whether or not a german shepherd or rottweiler would be the best choice for an all around family/deterrent dog. I have a local PSA and SchH club that I want to try out, but I’m definitely not on planning on creating a national level competition dog. Just looking for something that will settle into the house with my fiance and me and that has strong protective instincts and skills which can further be developed through training.

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Answer by Love my kitties
I have had 2 shepards and one rottweiler. I prefer the rottie. Temper was better, always protective, actually babysat the kids. She was awesome!

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  1. Greek God AKA Greekm says

    Your question is intelligently asked, a very rare thing in here, so…what you are looking for is not so much breed depended but individual dog depended!
    I like both breeds, I have owned both breeds at different times in life…I do prefer the shepherd, out of old DDR lines of course, never an American dog!
    Strong protective instincts are not that popular with today's dogs, especially the domestic kind, but, can be had if you are willing to look at different kennels and breeders.
    Training will be absolutely necessary with a dog, especially if you want the dog to function as a "protection" dog.
    Please, do not rely on a Sch dog for real life protection, Sch is a sport.
    Good luck finding your perfect dog!
    Hope I helped.

  2. Eleanor says

    I know for a fact that a german Shepherd would make a very friendly protective addition to your family. I have had a rottweiler and they are very protective but I think they may have a shorter temper esp with younger kids, but you may want to do more research on that. Shepherds are awesome protectors esp with some training. Great Danes are called gentle giants, but are very protective by instinct and they make an awesome looking guard dog! Esp if you clip the ears and give them training.

  3. soccerrulez021 says

    it definitely depends on how old the dog is. If it's a puppy you can train them to be whatever way you want to. I had a rottie once and he was an awesome dog. It will definitely protect you and your family

    I have not had much experience with german shepherds, but my neighbors do have some. They seem to be good dogs.

  4. brooker81503 says

    GSD hands down German working lines of course. Don't waste your time with American AKC lines.
    Rotties can be stubborn and harder to train. GSD's are just better for personal protection period.
    Go to the club and watch the dogs a few times. You will learn the most from that.

  5. mrpaintr2u says

    my pick would be a shepherd as i have had one most of my life. never been a more loyal family member.

  6. Lorraine says

    Owning rotties then I would be biased of course, but I think they are two very different dogs, and vary very much within the breed as well.

    If going for a rottie then I would steer clear of the german working lines as although they are excellent for SchH they are quite a high-drive dog for a non-experienced rottie handler.

    I think firstly choose your breed and then take your time to find the sort of temperament you want.

    All rotties and GSD's will guard naturally so please don't even try to bring out the strong protective instinct, otherwise you will not have a family dog for sure. With rotties in particular you must bring them up that you protect them and not the other way round.

    Having either of these breeds take some dog savvy and understanding. Get it wrong and you don't have the sort of dog you are wanting.

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