Do you need to cook the rice and potatoes in a home-cooked dog diet?

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Terry: In a home-cooked dog food diet, do you need to cook the rice and potatoes?
Or do you just chop-up the potatoes raw and feed them to your dog, and just soak the rice and feed the rice raw to your dog?

I feel dumb for asking, but I don’t want to make a mistake in feeding my dog! I know what foods in general dogs shouldn’t eat, and plan to home-cook my puppy’s meals. I know that it’s fine for dogs to eat raw meat, as well. I’m just confused on the topics of potatoes and rice.

Also: how small should I chop-up vegetables?

Thank you.

P.S. – Please don’t tell me to feed my dog “regular dog food.” Dogs were not born only able to eat what humans decided to manufacture in bags and boxes for easy use by owners to give them. I feel best home-cooking, because of all the chemicals and heavily-manufactured things in boxed or bagged “dog food.”

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Answer by rescue member
You definitely have to cook rice and potatoes – dogs could not digest them raw and raw potatoes can be toxic.

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  1. Casey - mummy to Kia says

    Hi there
    First of all I'll start by saying I feed by dog RAW BARF so I am going to disagree with feeding her rice. Rice, grains, cereals and corn are simply fillers that make your dog food cheaper. It has no nutritional value to them whatsoever and simply goes straight through them, making them poo more.

    With the vegetables, I run mine through the food processor, as dogs cannot break down the cell walls in vegetables and they need to be broken down first to allow dogs to process them.

    With the cooking – is there any reason you are cooking your dog's food? It is sooo much better to feed it to them raw. Cooking kills a lot of the naturally occuring vitamins and minerals. Plus cooking takes time and its time that isn't required – no wild dog cooks their food.

  2. doglover says

    I'm so happy to hear someone else cooking for their dog!! I cook for my Saints all the time, some ideas have even come from the vet! The easiest meal I make for them is their stew, I start by boiling boneless, skinless chicken breast, (or you can use ground hamburger, or turkey, I brown it in olive oil, instead of boiling it!)then I add lots of veggies, and you must cook them, no raw potatoes or rice.I use carrots, zucchini, potatoes, broccoli, spinich, musturd greens, turnips, beets, basicly anything you have on hand, no onions though. I let it all cook together, and then what i have been doing lately is, after the veggies are cooked tender, I bring the pot to a boil, then I add w/w pasta or any that you have on hand, cover the pot and turn it off, the pasta absorbs the water and cooks within a half hour. I also add a can of pumpkin to the soup right before the pasta.I use rice and barley sometimes also, but it makes such a mess when they are eating it!Pasta is much neater, and they love it! I also use apples and berries. They love apples cooked or raw, same w/ zucchini. In the winter I make them Turkey meat loaf I make it the same as you would for your family,but I use grated carrots and zucchini and oatmeal instead of bread crumbs. For flavor I use garlic powder, sea salt, some soy sauce, ( but just a splash) lots of fresh parsley (high in vit. c, also good to freshen breath) they even love fresh cooked beets! I mix this 50/50 with high quality kibble, and my dogs are very healthy.I cook everything though I don't give them raw meat, just because I don't care to, it gives me the creeps! I do give them raw knuckle bones from the butcher and thier teeth are REALLY white! I hope I helped you! Make sure any grains that you give are cooked well, I have read that they digest them easier. I also give them eggs always cooked. Sometimes for breakfast, I will cook them a pot of oatmeal with apples and cinnamon, and top it w/ plain whole milk yogurt, that is a hit!

  3. Chi says

    Yes, the potatoes and rice should be cooked, otherwise it could upset your dog's stomach.

    It's great that you are willing to cook for your dog, but since I do not know how much research you've done about raw feeding, I just want to make sure you have researched what nutrients your dog will need, especially as a puppy, in order to give him a balanced diet. If you've already done that, then it's great, if not, I advise you do it, as it is particularly important for your puppy's growth.

    If you have any concern about what or how to feed or not to feed your dog, you can always call your vet. While vets do sell commercial dog foods, it doesn't mean they all disapprove raw feeding and they can most certainly answer your questions on nutrition.

    Good luck with you cooking! :)

  4. Atrost says

    I cook the rice I feed my dog. She is very old & has some medical problems so I give her (cooked) rice which is easy to eat & digest. I would guess you should cook the potatoes too, because if you don't they will be very hard. I remember reading somewhere about starch not being good for dogs-you might want to look into that.

  5. Adam D says

    You should have mentioned the size of your dog.

    Chop up the potatoes, if you have a small dog (20lb and under) cook them to make it easier to eat. If you have a bigger dog it just depends on what breed, workign breed dogs would be better off raw, while others should be given it cooked.

    Do not give your dogs any vegetables other than: Potaoes, beans, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Be careful not to over feed vegetable because they are filling, and if you give them too much sodium of sugar (from the beans, potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes) it can make them badly sick.

    I think it is a very good thing that you are willing to cook your dogs food. Just as a tip, when you give it meat, if you use chicken necks and turkey necks sometimes, leave the bone in it and dont cook it. The bone will strengthen and clean its teeth.

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