Differences between a Rottweiler and a Doberman?

Juanita: What are the features that differentiate between a Rottweiler and a Doberman?
I rescued a young, female dog yesterday. At first, I thought she was a Rottweiler X; but the more I look at her, the more I think she might be a Doberman (tail not docked and ears not cropped).

I need to make a few calls, and I want to make sure I report the correct breed.

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Answer by Horse Lover
Look at pictures of a Rottweiler then look at pictures of a Doberman. They look nothing alike.

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  1. keerok says

    Head shape – Rottie square, Doby pointed.

    Body configuration – Rottie barrel, Doby streamlined.

    Intelligence – Rottie dumb, Doby smart.

    Affection – Rottie playful, Doby formal

    The purebred Rottweiler would greet anybody by licking on their faces, may it be a member of the family or burglars. The Doberman licks the hand of his master once and positions himself in attention to deter any terrorist attack.

    It would be best just to report gender, colors and size. Let the pound worry about the breed. Based on your description, the dog is a mutt.

  2. oxo_07 says

    Rottweiler has muscular body and the ears are down, while a Dobermans body is almost like a Greyhound but the ears is pointing up. Colors are similar with some yellow spot above the eye. Labradors body is almost the same as the Rottweiler. Stocky with huge head, while the Dobermans head and face is somewhat longer and skinny just like the German Shepherd.

    @ Lorraine's avatar, that's exactly a Rottweilers look like…

  3. Show Breeders pwn BY says

    dobermans have a finer build, and a longer nose..

    rotts have a stockier build and a shorter nose

  4. Last chance! says

    COLOR isn't even a clue,let alone PROOF!
    Dozens of breeds can be black&tan…several MUST=there's even a coonhound NAMED BLACK AND TAN!!!= & BILLIONS of mutts are!

    You found a stray BLACK&TAN MUTT!

  5. bells *Fat Dog / Sma says

    Your eyes are your best features to differentiate between the 2 breeds…since they are nothing alike

  6. Catrin says

    Rottweilers are a lot "chunkier", their heads are wider and their muzzles are wider. You should compare your' dog to rottweilers and dobermans on google to see which your' dog is most similar to. Your dog could be a badly bred rottweiler or dobermann.

  7. Bobbie L says

    I hope that you were honest enough to take her into either the vet's or you local animal control office and have her scanned for a microchip. Dobermans and Rotts look nothing alike.

  8. Julie D. says

    Do you have a picture you can post? These 2 breeds look nothing alike other than their markings. It probably is a mix. If it is, you can't report the correct breed, as a mix is a mix…..not a breed.

  9. Lorraine says

    A badly bred rottie could look like a dobie if you are not familiar with them.

    If you have any pics of her yet and you wish to email them to me then I would be happy to take a look and give you an opinion.

    They still would have a different look about them.

    Horse lover — that won't help much as any pics you find will be of well bred dogs. I have seen many slim faced young rotties that are pure rotts but not good examples. They would also fill out a little as they grow

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