Can you feed a newborn pitbull similac formula?

Mark G: Is it true you can feed a newborn pitbull similac formula?
I am about to get a newborn pitbull and i’ve heard you can feed them similac baby formula threw a babys bottle, i want to know if dat true before i start to do that.

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Answer by tleigh517
It should be feeding off it’s mom until a few weeks old, at least if youwant a healthier dog. go to the petstore and get the puppy formula. It is like baby formula but made for puppies. I’m sure you want a healthy happy dog. Where is momma dog?

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  1. JRW says

    No. You need to get the formula that is made for puppies to make sure they get enough vitamins and minerals. Why are you getting it as a newborn.

  2. 4Xbrbe says

    You can go to petco or your vet & buy powdered or liqiud puppy milk that suits the puppies needs. Human babies have different needs than a puppy so I wouldn't use human formula.

  3. Gmedina says

    Yes its true, but start by making it a little watery their stomache might not take it at first they might have runs.

  4. A P says

    I wouldn't feed that stuff to my kids. Get puppy formula at vet. Puppy's should be left with 'mom' until they can eat food on their own at about 8-10 weeks

  5. Frost says

    first of all….why are you getting a newborn pitt. pups need to be with their moms for about 9-10 weeks. ask a vet, there are things in human foods that dogs/cats/etc. Cannot digest or are poisonous.

  6. Callie says

    Yes, just watch the puppies feces and if it gets runny that means it needs to be diluted……I love pits!! Send me a pic, I wanna see!!! PLEASE!

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