Can my puppy pitbull live without the mother?

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juane360: Can my puppy pitbull live without the mother at 6 weeks old?
I got a puppy pitbull a couple of days ago at the age of six weeks. It seemed kind of shy but i guest thats how they are there first time without the mother. I was just wondering would it survive at that age without the mother and if it does survive would it have any development problems with the bone are with any other body parts? And should i give at any type of puppy milk?

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Answer by CC
yes but they shouldnt leave until they are 8 weeks old
I used pedigree puppy milk for my puppy when i rescued her at 6 weeks she liked it but then at 8 weeks she didnt want it any more.

You can try it

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  1. Jessie says

    Chow chow mom is in Hosp pup is two weeks what should I do the mom will be there for two weeks I just bought esbilac he's drinking a tbsp every two hrs. He's in a loving home seems ok so far cries a little but expected. Going to vet at 5

  2. L a L a L a . says

    I had my dog at 6weeks
    The breeder said not to give it milk as it upsets the tummy sometimes.
    I just fed him dog food, Eukanuba
    & He's perfect
    : ]

  3. Kay T says

    I usually give a puppy that young milk with a little canned food mixed in. He can survive without the mother at that age, but he will be lonely for her and will probably cry at night. I wouldn't isolate him for this. It will just increase his loneliness and fear. You could put a bed for him in your room, wrap an old style ticking clock and a bottle of warm water in a towel for him to snuggle up to. The ticking simulates the mother's heartbeat and helps to comfort him.

  4. gentleannie says

    4No milk, what have you been feeding it in the last couple of days? Why is it away from its mother? What are your parent feed it? hope you not an adult! Ask your parent to take it to the Vet and have it examined, a puppy needs special care and should see a Vet before anything bad develops. Why is it that most of the most ridiculous and scary questions are people that are getting pitbull's or breeding them, they are a wonderful breed that has pretty much been ruined by people who have absolutely no knowledge of any breed of dog let alone a dog that is not for a first time owner or an owner that doesn't really learn all they can before they bring it in the house, I feel very sorry for these dogs, my guess is 45% will end up in rescue or abandoned 30% will be used as fighting dogs or dogs used to intimidate people and 25% will have a good & loving home

  5. Anama says

    Ok, yes it can survive, but you are now missing the crucial learning age of the 6-12 week period where they learn "dog manners" from Mom and fellow sibs. AND it is too young to expose it to any other dogs.
    What byb (back yard breeder) did you get it from? and note, in most states in the US, it is ILLEGAL to sell or transfer any pup under 8 weeks old.
    Nice going. Should have done your research BEFORE the fact.
    Anyway, lecture over, deed done. You need to do a simple but medium to high quality puppy food (nothing less than Nutro) (but I prefer Wellness or Solid Gold) and supplement with puppy milk replacer (like esbilac, just sprinkle it on the food) at least 4 times a day for the next 2 weeks. After that, straight puppy chow (softened) 4 times a day is fine. Let him eat his fill and don't expect any sort of "house training" (bladder or stool control) for another 2 weeks minimal.
    p.s. NO CANNED FOOD, it can give your pup the scours (runs) , especially when added to the stress of being seperated from mom and litter weeks before that should have happened.Coccidia can really kick in fast when it happens like this. If you see green,smelly, or bloodstreaked stools, get him to the vet asap. Also, remember he is due for another de-worming at 8 weeks. Good luck to you and I know you care a lot about this pup. If you have anymore questions, just post, we will do our best to help you! Good luck!

  6. Tiffany K says


  7. Yo LO! © says

    Can it? Yes. Should it? No.

    The longer you leave a puppy with it's mother, the more social skills it will learn. While the bare minimum to leave it's mother/littermates is 8 weeks, closer to 12 weeks is better. From 8-12 weeks, that puppy will learn a lot of social behaviors from being with it's mother and you'll have fewer behavioral problems, like "Puppy Nipping" with the pup.

  8. Justsomegirl says

    You pup with be fine, no problem latter.

    Is he eatting his puppy food well? Also I mix the kibble with water and put some pouded milk in there for mine. I find they LOVE it!

    At this time most moms are starting to ween the pups. So we start giving them food.

  9. Ancient Warrior Dogu says

    Your gonna have to get an eyedropper and some puppy formula or milk and feed him that way. after about another two weeks you can feed him puppy chow with milk and he should be fine. I would pay very very close attention to him for try and find another female dog to be around him all day as your puppy may not be socialized properly unless he has companionship.

  10. Rachel - Pit Police says

    Will it survive? Yes, it likely will. But it shouldn't have been removed from the dam and littermates until at least 8 weeks of age. It is a this crucial stage that the dog begins learning important social skills from it's dam and littermates. Missing out on that as a pup can lead to behavioral problems as an adult.

    EDIT: Tony, there's no effing point arguing with stupid. They can have their 6 week old dog of whatever breed….It's not my problem.

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