Can my puppy pitbull live without the mother?

juane360: Can my puppy pitbull live without the mother at 6 weeks old?
I got a puppy pitbull a couple of days ago at the age of six weeks. It seemed kind of shy but i guest thats how they are there first time without the mother. I was just wondering would it survive at that age without the mother and if it does survive would it have any development problems with the bone are with any other body parts? And should i give at any type of puppy milk?

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Answer by CC
yes but they shouldnt leave until they are 8 weeks old
I used pedigree puppy milk for my puppy when i rescued her at 6 weeks she liked it but then at 8 weeks she didnt want it any more.

You can try it

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  1. Jessie says

    Chow chow mom is in Hosp pup is two weeks what should I do the mom will be there for two weeks I just bought esbilac he's drinking a tbsp every two hrs. He's in a loving home seems ok so far cries a little but expected. Going to vet at 5

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