Can I feed my puppies pedigree at 3 weeks old?

jjkk: Can I feed my puppies pedigree puppy food at 3 weeks old?
Can I feed my puppies pedigree puppy food at 3 weeks old? The mom of them don’t want to feed them. Any help? Or when is the earliest that I can feed them puppy food?

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Answer by pastelessence
If you do water it down so it is mushy. Easier for them to digest. or try to bottle feed.

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  1. kate c says

    Pedigree is horrible food and they recently recalled one of their foods. My guess is more recalls are on their way.

    "Mars Pet Food has issued a recall for one Pedigree formula –

    Product: PEDIGREE(R) Complete Nutrition Small Crunchy Bites
    Size: 20-pound bags
    UPC Code: 23100 14719
    Lot Code: 830BFCAT02
    Best Buy Date: 07/2009
    Best Buy Date Location: Back of bag
    Affected Stores: Albertsons locations in Southern California and Las

    Either feed a high quality kibble mixed with water/pup formula, or just puppy formula.

    Try wellness puppy or canidae.

    Do Not feed a large/giant breed, puppy food or large breed dog foods.

    Great danes, saint bernards, etc… are not large breeds, they are giant breeds. For large and giant breeds, they do best on adult dog food if you are going to feed kibble.
    If your puppies are a large/giant breed, look for a kibble that has 23% protein or less and feed that until 18 to 24 months of age.

    If you are willing learn about raw feeding. Raw feeding is typically cheaper and is the ultimate diet for most dogs/puppies.

  2. Lyn B says

    Mom should still be feeding them. But if you feel she is not doing a good job,then make a mush from the food. Check with your vet for a good formula. And see if the vet suggests a bottom supplement rather than solid food.
    The problem with solid food before they are ready is the mess it makes coming out the other end. Someone has to clean that up. The Mom usually does it, but if you give them solids she may not want to do the job which means you will need to keep their bottoms washed and clean.

    If the litter a large one? Try separating the litter and letting her feed them a few at a time.

  3. Joe American usn ret says

    If the mother is pushing them away and won't let them feed – then they should be able to eat soft canned /pouched puppy food, we used to mix dry baby formula in with it to add more calories & nutrition for them. Be sure to keep them warm and in a clean bed with mom for heat and security.
    Most people would give them away or sell them at 8 weeks, we always waited until 10 just to be sure they were healthy enough.

  4. kcterry6 says

    I would use a natural food better in the long run. If it is a large bread dog like Great Dane don't put it on puppy food use adult large bread. I would recomend Canidae, Chicken Soup, Blue Buffalo, Innova, Eagle Pack,

  5. Vicky D says

    yes pedigree has a special brand just for puppies and because they are still really little it might be hard for them to eat it so mix warm milk with their food

  6. b c says

    This is from the website below. You can also hold the mother down while the pups are feeding.

    Pups can be encouraged to eat soft wet food at 3-4 weeks of age. Weaning should be a gradual process completed at 8 weeks at the very earliest.

  7. Golden Patrol[e.c.c. says

    get some esbilac. pupa are to young to be weaniong already. that shouldnt star till about 4-5 weeks. they are barley getting there teeth at this age.

  8. BulliesRock says

    We have started puppies on wet food as early as four weeks, but at three weeks if there is no mom or she isn't feeding them, they get bottles. This a good reason to spay the mom. Don't breed her again. Pedigree is not a food we would food the puppies because it is very poor quality. They only get canidae or innova here.

  9. Nekkid Dog © says

    why would you want to feed them garbage like pedigree?

    Get a high quality puppy kibble. You can try making a "mush" for them and see if they will eat it.. mom may be trying to wean them. Soak the kibbles in warm water or puppy formula. Mash it up and serve. If they dont show an interest in the food, try again in a few days. You can help supplement mom's feeding with formula.. they may try to drink from a shallow bowl, or you can offer a bottle. Do use a formula meant for puppies tho.. NOT cow's milk!

    They are getting close to the age where they will start weaning.

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