Can dogs stay healthy on a vegetarian diet?

Sticky: Can dogs live healthily on a vegetarian diet?
If I fed my dog fresh vegetables, selected fruits, and soy and egg products for protein; will he live just as long and healthily as any other dog on a pet store bought, “dog food” diet?

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Answer by pianist09
i’m not quite sure, i think it’s best to feed your dog quality dog food.

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  1. Great Dane Lover says

    No it is not healthy for your dog to be on a vegetarian diet. Dogs are carnivores (NOT omnivores).They need meat & meat protein…they do NOT need grains & veggies and are not designed to process these types of foods. As for is not a good thing to give a dog despite the fact it does appear in someo f the low quality foods. It is not easily digested by dogs, it is an allergen and it does cause excess gas.

  2. AndromedaStar says

    There are people who feed a vegetarian diet. I have heard of it being done for pitbulls to reduce agression. BUT you need to RESEARCH! I do not think the foods you listed are enough, and you have to feed the right amounts. Your dog will get very sick if you do not feed him properly!!

    If you are morally opposed to feeding meat, give your dog away and buy a rabbit. It sounds like you do not know enough about nutrition to feed a vegetarian diet to your dog.

  3. Aslan's Mom says

    I have to disagree with "Bozema" as she states that soy is not healthy for dogs. This is incorrect. In fact, it is used in many hypoallergenic diets for dogs that have food allergies toward proteins such as chicken and beef. Purina Veterinary Diets makes a diet called HA which is a soy-based diet and is specifically for dogs with food allergies. In fact, when dogs show signs of food allergies, most frequently it is the protein source they are allergic to.
    As far as is it healthy or not, yes and no. Domesticated dogs are omnivores. Much more so than wild wolfs and dingos are. They need 75% of their diet to be non-protein or you can cause things like pancreatitis. However, the issue with homemade diets is that they lack all of the essential vitamins and minerals like Taurine (yes, dogs need this too – not just cats) that are necessary. In fact, studies done with Nutro have shown dogs to show major deficiencies in the vitamin and mineral department and the American Animal Hospital Association has asked that they remove the "veterinarian recommended" slogan from their bags. They don't have to, since they only have to get 1 vet to say it’s a good diet and then it's not false advertisement but the fact that they were asked should say something.
    So, to sum up this incredibly long answer, in the long run it is best to buy a premium dog food that works with your pet. I would recommend something along the lines of Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan (NOT Dog Chow), or Eukanuba. Good luck!

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