Can a labrador retriever become a guard dog?

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Miss Yahoo: Can a labrador retriever be a guard dog?
I’ve been looking online for a good family dog that can also be a guard dog, will a labrador retriever be a good guard dog?

We just bought a house and I just need a dog that will be able to bark is a stranger approaches the house, or is a burglar jumps in. I was looking at some white ones and they are so adorable and I read about them, they are so friendly and intelligent.

Please advise, experienced home owners!

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Answer by Bonzie12
Any dog will protect their home. Most dogs bark when they hear a strange noise or see a stranger hanging around thier home. Labs are great dogs.

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  1. dogie says

    Labs are great dogs. They're very loyal and intelligent and are independent thinkers. If they feel the need to act out of the regular to save their owners, they would. They learn fast so training them should not be a problem. And they learn through experience as well, so spend enough time with them by playing and teaching them tricks. It's important that you instill good habits in them from puppy years onwards that will prevent them for doing what you dont want them doing when they're adults.They're very active and love exercise, so walking them is a daily routine that should not be neglected as its great for them to release all the energy and this makes them happy and healthy. Hope you get a good dog.

  2. happy♥feet says

    I think you meant watchdog. And YES, Almost all Labradors are naturally good watchdogs and will bark if they see a stranger or hear something out of ordinary. On the other hand if you are looking for a guard dog then I wouldn't rely to heavily on the Labrador Retriever. Maybe a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler but definately not a Labrador Retriever.

  3. lkb says

    We have a 2yr old male golden retriever. He is a real loving guy….mushy!! However, we began to teach him to bark whenever someone knocks or comes to the house door. All we did was open and close our hand and say "speak" when he was a wee boy. Now, we just merely open and close our hand, and he AUTOMATICALLY KNOWS to do the "speak"!! He will go to the door, I/we can stay in the family room and just give the signal, and there we have it!! Love it!! Urf urf!!

  4. Garacaius says

    I had a Labrador Retreiver and it would bark whenever anyone came in the yard or near the yard. They are territorial and protective of the family that has them.
    They are smart and intelligent dogs. They are good in the house. They are great with kids, I once saw mine go between two kids who were trying to hurt each other.

  5. luvmydobes says

    My mother has 2 labs. One will bark the other won't. My neighbors lab never barks unless she wants to play with my dog. Some do and some don't. I have kids and 2 dobermans, they make GREAT pets and house/family protectors and they're more calm than a lab and don't shed as much either. they love my neighbors but when they come outside my dogs will still give a couple barks to let me know they are there. But I'm bias…good luck.

  6. jhg says

    Honestly any dog can be trained into a gaurd dog.
    We have two black labs and one we got as a puppy and one when he was close to a year old. K.C., whom we raised from a puppy is very protective of us…especially our kids. He won't let people out of their car if he doesn't feel o.k. with them… and even then he is really cautious and usually keeps most people at bay. We never trained him to be a gaurd dog but the bond that we share with him has made him very very protective of us.
    Boomer, our other lab., he isn't protective. He will lick anyone to death no matter who you are. Thankfully he is a little more intimidating since he is just sooo big. I believe this lack of protectiveness may be his personality but I believe that it is also due to lack of bonding at such a crucial time in his puppyhood.
    But YES, labs can be VERY protective!!!!

  7. dan says

    No i just answered your Jindo one because I have experience with them, but anyways, a lab is one of the most gentle family dogs on this earth. They will lick a burgular's hand, but a simple bark would probably do it.

  8. kittenslayer says

    When they become adults, they will likely bark at strangers as they approach the house. They can certainly be intimidating when they bark.

    If you are considering a lab, keep in mind that they are very, very active and have puppy energy till their 4 or 5. They also have a high incidence of hip dysplasia and elbow displasia, so you'll want to thoroughly research breeders if you decide its the breed for you.

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