July 24, 2014

A haircut that would suit pekingese?

Question by letter_zx3: pekingese?
I have had a beautiful pekingese fr years. I am currently looking for a haircut that would suit her breeed and keep her cool in the hot weather…..I have looked everywhere but I cant find an online dog hair picture gallery…..I would deeply appreciate it if anyone knew of one.

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Answer by LostMyMind
Speak with your local groomer. They may have what you are looking for.

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  1. kelsey ......... says:

    if you get it a puppy cut it would look nice my pekingese has one

  2. throat 666 says:

    omg , I just got my peke's hair shaved . Since it's overwhelmingly hot here , we planned to shave his hair , he looks like " babe(pig) " but I loveeeeeeee it , I can't stop hugging him. My sister thinks we got the wrong pekingese and she still can't get over his new look , lol. After his shave he's been running around a lot , he feels much better and lighter I guess, I'm happy for him =D

    More then the style of his hair you should be worried about his health, if it's too hot get it shaved, peke's hair can grow long in a very short time. But if you are insisting to getting a style , then talk to the groomer , they offer two ways being 1.Hand cut 2. Razor Shave, Hand cut is more expensive since you can ask them to style it in any way you want , plus you get some professional advise on how' it's going to look , so on so forth. I highly suggest you shave his belly hair , preventing it from being dirty and providing them a little more cool.

    Other Info on how to keep them cool:
    After a walk , they pant a lot , so you can wet a towel, squeeze out the water , keep it in the freezer for 3 minutes and place the cold towel on a table and then place your peke on top of the towel. I do this to my peke & he lovesss it

  3. Michelle M says:

    Well first of all you say you have a beautiful Pekingese keep her that way the Pekingese is not a breed that was meant to be clipped by doing so you are risking her coat to be permanently damaged… Plus the Pekingese looks dumb clipped Clipping her will not make her cooler in the summer this is a myth the dog coat works as insulation keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer .. My little white Pekingese is shedding like crazy right now getting rid of all that ex coat that she grew for the winter take my advice NO NOT CLIP YOUR PEKINGESE ..There is hair cut to suit the Pekingese they are not meant to be clipped…

  4. isabella says:

    This guy has a haircut and I think he's cute.

  5. Buttasandbabies says:

    lost is right take a trip into a shop without ya dog you are bound to see them cutting a breed like yours and they almost always have pics up well any good grooomer..

  6. I don't have a picture, but I've seen them cut kind of like a lion. The body short and the head and tail fluffy. Sometimes the legs are short too or just shorter.

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