Why my French Poodle’s nose is turning a different color?

☺ Joey!!!!! ☺: Why is my French Poodle’s nose turning a different color?
I have a 2 1/2 year old French Poodle. Ever since she was little she has been licking her nose a lot and never stopped. Her nose used to be black and it is now sort of a pinkish color. I don’t think it is because she licks it, but does anyone know why it is turning that color?

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Answer by ∞CHAO§ is a VEIM∞
Its because she licks it, she has rubbed the pigment off. Its like chapped lips in humans.

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  1. Maxi says

    Could be lots of things the pigmentation in a dog’s nose is determined by genetic factors, “snow nose” which is normally seasonal, turning pink in the winter then returning to black in the summer.

    Contact dermatitis with the use of chemicals in the making of plastic food dishes and the continual irritation will cause the nose to turn pink and sometimes the lips will also become sore, so changing to stainless steel food and water bowls will stop the possibility that your dog is suffering from contact dermatitis.

    Vitiligo is an immune disease, so you need to build up your dogs immune system.

    Dog's with pink noses are more at risk of cancer so putting sunscreen on in the hot weather will help..

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