Why does my Yorkie and Chihuahua mix have two rows of top front teeth?

shyne_9000: Why does my Yorkie/Chihuahua have two rows of top front teeth? How much does it cost to remove them?
I have a Yorkie-chi who is about 5 months old. His back teeth have been becoming loose and are about to fall out. I opened his mouth up to look and saw that he had two rows of four front teeth. So a total of 8 teeth in two rows. There are no signs of the front teeth becoming loose. He’s about 3 or 4 lbs. I will be taking him to the vet but was wondering also, how much it will cost to remove them. Please HELP! Thanks!

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Answer by Lexy
Wow. talk about HORRIBLE breeding huh?
Im not sure but it wont be cheap I can tell you that.

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  1. caninelover says

    It is pretty common for toy breed dogs to retain their milk teeth. It's really not a result of poor breeding. How much it costs varies depending on the vet. It's generally a good idea to have it done at the same time as neuter–that way he will only have to be given anethesia once. In the meantime, it's going to be crucial that you make sure to keep his teeth clean, brushing them as needed. With extra teeth it will be very easy for him to get pieces of food lodged in between them and plaque and that can lead to problems.

  2. ♥willow&heart says

    This is very common and perfectly normal for a small breed dog. My yorkie had to have all but two of his teeth pulled by the vet. He lost two naturally while we were playing with a toy.

    I had most of his teeth pulled when he was under getting fixed. Since he was already under anesthetic, my vet charged me $ 2 a tooth. Later on, we put him under to remove a few more teeth and he charged me $ 5 a tooth + anesthetic.

    Just consult your vet. They all differ in price.

  3. ♥PomMom&heart says

    That's pretty common in toy breeds. You are going to have to have the vet remove the puppy teeth or it's going to cause problems for him in the future.

    I'm not sure of the price, as every vet charges differently. My vet charges $ 15 a tooth or a flat rate of $ 40 for multiple teeth (3 or more), but that does not include anesthetic.

  4. DaveSFV says

    It is not unusual for a dog's milk teeth to remain in the mouth after the new teeth grow in. Unless they are causing the dog problems or mechanically inhibit eating. Why bother to take them out? In all my experience with dogs that retain the milk teeth they eventually fall out.

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