Why do they cut the tails on pointer puppies?

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mike a phone: Why do people cut the tails on pointer puppies?
My grand Daughter got two puppies of the pointer bread. My question is why do breeder cut the tails off of these breads at birth?

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Answer by martini
To make them look tougher

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  1. Rayven ~ Here we Go says

    Pointers aren't docked. Well that's assuming your granddaughter(one word) got two Pointers aka English Pointers.

    BTW there are a NUMBER of breeds who fall under the type "pointer" and have the word pointer in their name so it may help to be a bit more blood specific in which breed you are talking about.

    Jessie: i'm pretty sure you've got TDs because a) Pointers AREN'T docked. b) You go off on a little rant that includes the bs notion docking will be universally banned > not as long as people in the US refuse to let the AR crowd take over > and c) since there are a VARIETY of pointing breeds there is no one answer as to why x breed has a 1/3-2/3 dock when another breed does not.

  2. Above Average says

    Pointers aren't DOCKED.
    GWP & GSP & Britannys & both springers & cockers,etc ,ETC.
    are docked.

  3. Jessie says

    There is absolutely no health reason for it. It is simply a cosmetic issue, reinforced by the breed standard for show dogs of the breed.

    Bird dogs (as pointers are) have no risk of injury to the tail. The only risk at all to a bird dog with a natural tail is of picking up junk in the tail feathering, which pointers don't even have. Many of the bird dogs who do have long haired tails, like Setters, are never docked. So don't let anyone fool you–this is just a cosmetic issue, not a functional one, not a safety issue. It's a heinous practice and completely unnecessary.

    The ONLY argument to be made for docking a Pointer is that the tails have been docked for so long now that no one has been breeding for good tails for decades now. Once docking is universally prohibited (and it will be eventually as it is simply cruel) , you are going to see some crazy tails in otherwise well-bred Pointers for a time. No way around that. But that's a pretty lousy argument to continue docking them. :(

    ETA: Oh you TD'rs: tell me, please:

    Why are so many of the OTHER breeds who do the SAME JOB NEVER DOCKED if it is a safety or health issue?

    I'll wait….

    Retrievers and NONE of the Setters are EVER docked. Same job. Same risks. More hair on the tail.

    I stand my ground that in bird dogs at least, this is a COSMETIC ISSUE. If you disagree, offer me a reasonable argument and I'll respond. Don't just give the cowardly TD. Give your reasons.

    My friend with 4 accounts is clearly TD'ng me this morning whenever she can find me-PM me and I'll give you all her names–but for those of you who are actually confused on the docking issue–give your reasons, please…

    ETA: Rayven, you may not agree, but yes, cropping and docking WILL eventually be universally banned. There is no real reason for it other than cosmetics. The USA is one of the last countries to still allow these barbaric practices.

    Pointers are a class, like retriever, spaniel, setter, terrier, etc. Several of the Pointers ARE routinely docked for show though. Why do YOU believer they AREN'T? The asker did not name a breed–only a type. Many Pointers ARE DOCKED.

    But let's just run with your erroneous premise that no Pointers are ever docked: several of the Spaniels are routinely docked, and they are also bird dogs. At least the Spaniels tend to have heavily feathered tails, so one could make the argument that they do pick up burrs and the like in the tail feathering (which pointers would and could not). That is a GROOMING ISSUE.

    But again, I would point you towards the Setters and Retrievers, many of whom who do have heavily feathered tails and do the exact same job and are never docked. (I'll grant you that the retrievers are more likely to swim while executing the breed job, but the burrs and brambles ain't in the water. ;) )

    I'm really not at all sure what point you hoped to make in this argument. But if your intent was to give a solid reason FOR docking, I don't think you met your intent.

    Docking is a cosmetic issue, just as cropping is. It's going to be universally banned sooner or later. Maybe not in our lifetimes. But it will happen as it is simply barbaric and unnecessary.


  4. Bordeaux<3 says

    They shouldn't have took the whole tail off, if that's what they did. The German pointers have shorter tails, this serves a purpose. Its not just for looks and standard, it helped the dog preform its job. Just like pit bulls, they had their eats cut off/cropped for their fighting purpose.

  5. Victor says

    They started it maybe because the tails were a drawback when trying to keep the dog clean
    when the dog goes through thick underbrush and thorn bush es the tail becomes snagged

  6. doglove70 says

    Pointers usually have tails…?

    With other pointing breeds, they usually have very long, skinny tails that are prone to breaking when the dog is out working in the brush for hours and hours every day.

  7. walking lady says

    Because pointers are a sporting breEd and if their tails were left long, there's way too much chance of injury.

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