Where to buy a shiba inu puppy in las vegas?

Aidan: where can i buy a shiba inu puppy in las vegas?
I want to buy/adopt a Shiba Inu in Las Vegas. You may post breeders near the Las Vegas area. I will not take pet land as a answer.

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Answer by I Luv Mindless Behavior
Go to your Local Adoption center and look at the dogs. you will pay a small fee, for the spay/neuter and up to date vaccinations. Good luck!

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  1. Molly says

    I’m selling my 4 month old purebred Sheba Inu. We only bought her a month ago for $1800, but we are selling her for $1700 with her toys, food, collar, leash and bed. The pet store specializes in toy and mini breeds so she wont get much bigger than she is now. She also has her first two sets of shots and only needs to get the last ones. I’m hoping I’ll be able to take her for the last set this next weekend. Next week we will also receive her papers.
    Unfortunately, we just aren’t home very often and she needs more time out of her crate.
    Shebas are a very intelligent, independent breed and she is no different. She doesn’t need a lot of care, but she needs more than we can give her at this time. She’s really a sweetheart and we are sad to have to let her go. If you’re interested, please text me 7024191338.

  2. M. Reason says

    Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue, as someone else mentioned, is great.

    Also in your neck of the woods (a few hours, anyway) is Southern California's Saving Shibas, Inc. http://www.savingshibasinc.org http://www.facebook.com/SavingShibasInc

    They always have more than what is immediately listed online, and if you get in touch, they can help answer any specific questions. I think some may even be fostered in the Las Vegas area.

    You can also keep an eye on the national listings: http://national.shibarescue.org/listings/

    Sometimes they post courtesy listings for individuals trying to rehome their dogs, young and old alike. I've seen quite a few from the Vegas area.

  3. Dog says

    Try Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue: http://www.myshibainu.com/

    If you are not an experienced dog person a Shiba is not for you. Beautiful, yes! Also primitive in nature and a handful for anyone uninitiated.

    I wish you the best on your quest. (My 18 month old Shiba owns my heart.)

    PS — If you are willing to make a drive to find your soul mate… try NW Shibas For Life in/around Salem, Oregon.

    Also PS — My own search for breeders in your area turns up nothing of use.

    • kefli says

      i have a shiba inu puppy (black and tan) 6 months fully vetted, shots to date and neutered. must give him up as indeed too much to handle with full time job and 2 year old child in the home. looking to rehome him for nominal fee to a good home with shiba experience or knowledge and willingness to work with him – high energy and very bright. fully housebroken. would require your info plus a reference as concern is to ensure he goes to a good home and is the right fit. contact me by email

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