What should I do if my chihuahua sheds so much?

petlover: What should I do that my chihuahua sheds so much?
I have tried shedding shampoos and they don’t work. Plus I brush her daily. Someone told me that his chihuahua doesn’t shed a lot only yearly. However, when my chihuahua sits on anybodys lap usually there will be a lot of hair on that person. It’s embarrassing. Please if anyone knows anything that might help or why she sheds so much please let me know thanx!

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Answer by Madison
Naturally, dogs shed. It shouldn’t be that bad for much longer since it is about to be fall/winter. The majority of their shedding is done during the spring/summer seasons because it helps keep them cool by loosing excess hair.
Just keep brushing her twice daily- that’s about all you can do. Also, invest in a lint-roller so you can let people get the hair off easily from their clothes.

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  1. Carrie O'Labrad says

    Make sure you are using a high quality food.

    Besides that and brushing, there isn't too much you can do.
    It's a tiny dog, how much can it shed?

  2. Gems says

    chihuahuas (especially short haired) shed year round, they are NOT a seasonal shedder…

    however diet does play a large roll on how much the dog sheds, try a better quality food with an omega 3 (fish oil) supliment!

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