What is the general personality trait of a terrier?

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lagosalado67: There are so many different kinds of terriers. What is the general personality trait of a terrier?
My vet told me my dog was a terrier/pitbull mix. I just wanted to know in general what kind of personality traits/temperment I can expect from a mix like this?

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Answer by Jenn
Terriers are feisty and have attitude. I am getting a Westie Terrier and all of the research I have done leads me to the conclusion that I am in for a ride! I think they are spunky and fun though.

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  1. kerrberr95 says

    Terriers are generally friendly and have tons of energy to go along with it. They always love to do something! As for pitbulls, I'm not too familiar with the breed so I really can't help you there. Hopefully you will have an energetic and friendly dog!

  2. CF_ says

    Pitt bull is a type of Terrier.. if you dont have registration papers though you have to call them a mix so that is probably what your vet did

    Terriers were bred to hunt/kill/fight.. some were bred to hunt rats, others were bred to fight bulls in an arena or "pitt" this is the pitt bull terrier…

    so you can expect a strong dog with a lot of determination and a strong bite…

    Obedience lessons are a MUST
    NEVER play tug of war games.. and if you must MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS WIN…

    at Obedience make sure you learn how to teach the command "drop it" and "leave it"

  3. marling says

    Being a natural American breed the terriers are often called American gentleman of hounds. These terriers sometimes may be clownish and they like to entertain you constantly. They are used as watchdogs but not guards as they are too small. There are literally 57 types of terriers that I know of.The breed developed from the two that makes up the name of the breed now. The dog used to be naturally a fighter participating in the games of bull baiting. The tenacity of the breed and accompanying strength are not disputable in the canine world. Just keep in mind there are individual differences in dogs just as in people; much has to do with the environment and the interaction of the dog with humans and other dogs; they need to be socialized just as we do. Good luck with your dog, he will be a great friend and companion.

  4. Christine R says

    Energy, energy, energy!! Terriers are full of it, and if not given enough exercise and stimulation, will find something to do for themselves. Training is very important to make sure the dog knows who is the "alpha" in the household–the people, NOT the dog! They can be wonderful pets and lots of fun to have around as long as you understand their needs and provide for them.
    Good luck to you and enjoy your dog!

  5. GitEmGang says

    There are ***28*** breeds in the Terrier Group!! From the HUGE Airedale to the small Norwich-not possible to "generalize" such a diverse group!

    **&** it is absolutely ***IMPOSSIBLE*** to predict *ANYTHING* about MUTT/MONGRELS!!

    *IF* of course your vet has a CLUE! Most don't know anything about dog breeds…or are able to "guess" any more about what "sort" of MUTT/MONGREL you have than the average "boob-in-the-street".

    You have a MUTT,get on w/it.
    Interesting…if one were to GENERALIZE such utter *BULLSHI* about about PEOPLE as the MORONS above have done about a GROUP of dogs,they'd be concidered BIGOTTED & PREJUDICED,wouldn't they?
    ESPECIALLY when they DON'T know SQUAT about them. As is OBVIOUS they DON'T!
    "marling" for example,is a blithering IDIOT!
    But hey,I've only been in terriers since'71 & JUDGE them & HUNT & WORK them…what the F could *I* know?

  6. dedum says

    tenacious, loyal, able to kill small critters,( and bred to do so…watch him around cats, bunnies, etc.), SMART!!! ,might have "selective hearing" when they see something they want (squirrel), funny and entertaining, brave with the heart of a lion. Athletic, protective of those they love, may or may not be intolerant of other dogs. I picked up a jack-rat off the side of the highway (he was dumped) and I love him to pieces… but he is a brat!! but I love him anyway, lol!

  7. raven blackwing says

    pit bulls are terriers. They are high energy dogs needs lots of exercise. Because it is part pit you need to train and socialize it will. The terrier group as a whole where dogs breed for hunting and killing something and that instinct needs to be directed to something else. Pulling is go if it gets big enough. My pit bull can pull double his weight.

  8. KJ says

    I have a JRT mix and he is high maintenance. He's an intelligent dog who likes to find trouble. If I don't give him enough to do he will find things to entertain himself. He's a very loving and loyal, not to mention protective family dog with a personality like no other dog I've known. He thinks he's a big dog and acts accordingly.

    Terriers are generally high energy dogs from what I've learned. Most were bred for some sort of job. Hunting rodents, foxes, etc.

    Check below at Dedum's answer, seemed to sum it up pretty well I think!

  9. Jennifer R says

    they are very feisty. They have attitudes and can be very territorial. Very protective of the ones they love. They will also make it known to any other animal that comes along that they are boss. Dogs such as terriers will often not accept another dog readily into the family.

  10. Ms BG says

    Typically Terrier breeds are a hyper bunch & need a lot of attention and activity. They are loving and smart for the most part, however their intelligence is also a reflection of their owner. If you take time and patience with them and their training, they can turn out very smart & obedient.

  11. panda says

    can you see the word terror in that word… all terriers are very hyper and have lots of energy to burn..

  12. JR says

    I think the terriers are great. They can be very lovable and mischievous and must be trained properly. The larger short hair terriers are very personable I have not met a pit or pit mix that did not love to be touched and loved.

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