What is the best type of collar and leash for a golden retriever?

michelle b: what is the best type of collar and leash to retrain a 75 lb golden retriever?
“Tucker is a one year old golden. He’s great. He’s trained well in every other area. We have had conflicting indformation which is the best type of collar and leash. Nothing cruel though!

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a gentle leader is so helpful.

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  1. Pat B says

    Gentle Leader. I use them on my 'pullers' when they're young.
    They really work and the dog stops pulling immediately.

  2. Ariel says

    I'd recommend a Gentle Leader or Halti, which is like a horse halter in that it controls their head. They're not painful and can be found at Petsmart and other pet stores.

    There's also halters which go around their chests and necks, and prevent pulling. These, like Haltis, can be found at any petstore.

  3. rjn529 says

    You will get a whole lot of different opinions to that questions, however, for me, a chain slip collar, when used properly, is the most effective collar. It does not harm the dog, will keep their attention and focus on you, and is not cruel to the dog. Again, these have to be put on the dog and used properly – a good obedience instructor can guide you in this.

    As for a leash, either a leather or nylon leash, with a good sturdy clasp. I would steer you towards leather, as these are easiest on the person's hands – if the dog pulls unexpectedly, a nylon lead can literally slice the person's hand.

    As for the flexi-leads, these are good and bad – they are good as the dog can have freedom to move, however, they can be bad as they can teach the dog to pull on the leash.

  4. Playerette says

    you can use a retractable lead (when your on parks) and a normal leather lead for when your on roads and around people. i think nylon and leather collars are the best

  5. Bozema says

    I have golden and he works well with a Halti head halter. He has a tendency to walk well but startle and then pull suddenly and this helps greatly. We trained our other golden with a regular collar and lead and lots of positive reinforcement to heel using treats.

    Retractable leads are poor for control and often break with big dogs. They are a big don't.

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