What is the best dry dog food for my 3 year old shih tzu?

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7 Habits: What is the best dry food for my 3 year old shih tzu?
I have tried Beneful and some kibbles and Bits and she gets sick and is a bit underweight. Does anyone have a shih-tzu of their own that can help me?

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Answer by Madison
Those are not good-quality dog foods. Go to your local pet store and purchase either Canidae All Stages (they can eat this from when they are puppies up to adults so you never have to switch foods), Wellness, or Innova. Those are all great brands. Do not buy anything from the grocery store because they aren’t good quality.

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  1. claudy_kay says

    I have two shih tzus. One can eat anything and the other vomits or has diarrhea. I tried the expensive dog foods found at pet stores and still the little female would have digestion problems. About a year ago I ran out of dog food and had to buy a bag of Western Family Dog food….surprisingly this brand agrees with her digestive system and it's cheap!

  2. steve.c_50 says

    I love to answer this question to watch all the silly know-it-all thumbs-downers. I have had shih-tzus and Lhasas for the last 22 years. I have 2 shih-tzu's, a Schnoodle, and two mutts at the present. They have all lived long lives and thrived on Purina Dog Chow. Mine tend to overeat on Kibbles 'n Bits. Beneful is attractive to highbrows because it's expensive, but it's a sh!tty dog food.

  3. Katie says

    You can't go wrong with Purina Puppy Chow or Dog food.

    I have raised all of my pets, dogs and cats on this and all of them lived long and healthier lives.
    One cat= lived 18yrs.
    Once cat= lived 20 years
    One Golden Retriever= lived 14 years !!
    One Lab/boarder collie= gosh, so alive and active as you wouldn't believe.
    another cat= 3 years old and the vet says even her teeth are in great shape.

    I've trusted Purina for over 20 years and no one can understand how my pets live so long and healthy.
    ps. I do not work for Purina, I only believe in sharing my own success. And the price is great !! There were no "pet food scares with Purina, and everyone called me about it, I told them "It won't be Purina" I'm not worried and before they released the name of the pet food that was killing cats and dogs the first time, I knew it wasn't Purina, it was the more expensive brand. so …. try it.

  4. PrAnMuRa says

    I've had my shih tzu buddy for 11 years and counting, and when he was underweight we fed her Caesar Selects, which is packaged (not canned) wet food. I know this doesn't answer your question (dry food) but my vet recommended it to me, as it was the healthiest wet food, just as healthy as dry and doesn't ruin the dog's teeth, and it fattened him up pretty well. If you don't want to do this, get Eukanuba, which is, by professional opinion, the healthiest dog food, and very well regulates a dog's body weight.

  5. claudiacake says

    The best dog food, bar none, is Solid Gold. Read about it here:
    This is what I feed to my Poms. It is available at Petco.

  6. Bambi says

    If she gets sick, she might be allergic to something in them. Maybe you can switch her to an all natural food and see if that helps her. I use California Naturals, which is made with human grade ingredients. You can find it and other good foods at a local pet store (not petco, etc). Other good ones are Cannidae, Wellness, Solid Gold, Innova, Fromm, or Newman's Own.

  7. Momo says

    I don't have a shih tzu, but I do have very picky yorkies. They both like to eat Royal Canin dog food specifically for yorkies. I'm pretty sure Royal Canin makes food specifically for shih tzus. It is a little more pricey, but my dogs are worth it. I get mine from Petsmart. Some vets also recommend Science Diet. You may want to check the list of pet foods to avoid.

    By the way, thanks all for the thumbs down! Why don't you ask an AKC breeder or members of a American Kennel Club Shih Tzu Club what they suggest feeding their dogs? They are supposed to know that kind of stuff.

  8. Stephanie Loves Samm says

    beneful and kibbles and bits r crap. go to a high quality food like canidae or innova. i mean seriously kibbles and bits is crap because they take the time to make the pieces look like the flavor they might be. anything u find at walmart is pure crap. so go to a local feed store and see what they have

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