What is the best dog food to feed my toy Chihuahua?

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ღyesღ: What is the best food to feed my toy Chihuahua?
I just received a toy Chihuahua (2yrs old) as a gift and we purchased Iams toy/small breed dog food, and she has barely touched it. What should I do?

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Answer by sophylakes
your undersized chihuahua should do fine with that food ( although it isn’t the best) try Canidaie or wellness. ( don’t fall into the trap that you bought a specialized breed – toy just mean that the dog didn’t turn out to meet breed standards

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  1. Tony H says

    I would try to find out what it was being fed before you got it and continue feeding that…

  2. SabrinaD says

    My chihuahuas all eat Sensible Choice Natural Blend. The love the food. I have one that won't even try any other foods.

    You may find food to be a struggle with your little one. A lot of chis are picky eaters. Go to a pet supply store that has a 30 day return policy on food. Get a super premimum brand (it seems expensive but your one little dog will take forever to get through a bag so why not spend the money on her). Another brand I really like is Merrick (they have a huge vareity of foods both dry and canned). Try the food for 2-3 weeks. Unless she is showing signs of being sick (hypogylcemia), don't give in to her for a few days to get her to eat. You may want to use meal times (2 times a day put out a small amount food, pick it up in 15-30 min regardless of whether she's eaten). If after 3 weeks she is not eating it regularly, return the food and try another brand. You should be able to find something she'll eat.

    My oldest dog gave me fits over eating. He'd eat about every 3rd day. I tried a few different foods, including canned which he wouldn't eat. I found Natural Blend and he started out just the same, not wanting to eat it. Just as I was about to return it, he started eating it and has eaten every day for 5+ years. He's the one who only eats the one kind of food.

  3. sdart_93 says

    I have a yorkie, and he use to love Bill Jack. Don`t get Diamond, because they had a problem with their food a couple years ago. Now my 2yr old yorkie eats Pedigree adult complete nutrition. Both of my dogs love it. But my yorkie likes just the yellow ones, but he will eat the brown. You should try either Bill Jack or Pedigree.

  4. Letty says

    Whatever you do don't give your dog sausages, it'll get used to them and won't eat anything else :( Trust me from experience lol

  5. Jane says

    I have the same dog breed and i love him to death! his name is Bobby and i give him a brand of dog food called .. "My Dog" and he eats it NONE STOP!
    I dont know if your dog will eat it but my dog loves it and wants more every day! but he its it really slow =P
    Well i hope i have helped you and if the brand i gave you doesnt work then go to the supermarket and check out what they have then just go and get the cheap once most dogs love the expesive once but i would say " My Dog" is fairly cheap and must tast good to them =)
    Any way good luck and I was wondering is your Chihuahua VERY over protective of you?? cause mine is and every time some1 goes near me he starts to grawl and bit =S
    Nasty lmao well as i said Good luck !!

  6. gvellianitis says

    There is a food that my vet recommended to me for my 5 chihuahuas. It's called Royal Canin Mini Chihuahua 28 for adult dogs. This food is formulated especially for chihuahuas. When I feed it to mine, the smell of it alone, attracts them and they love it. You can find it in any pet store.

  7. riss481 says

    my little chi has been eating royal canin mini pup 33. they have a adult chi version as well. her coat is super shiny, teeth are white and she's been growing nicely. more importantly, she still goes nuts (super happy) when we feed her royal canin.

    hope this helps!

  8. YankeeFan says

    I have a 2 year old Chihuahua myself. I have had her since she was 6 weeks old so I started her on soft food. However, once she got to the hard food I started her on the Science Diet "small bites" and she has been eating it ever since! She now eats the Science Diet Adult Small Bites and loves it. The bag I get at Petco is under $ 10 and usually lasts anywhere from 4-6 months!

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