What is the best breed for duck hunting?

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Alexa: What is the best breed for duck hunting? and what would be better between a lab and a golden and why?
I’m wanting to buy a hunting dog and cant decide what to get. It would be mostly duck hunting.

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Answer by MR singh
for duck hunting i would say a dog thats quick on his feet and can move around. and theres no really other option than a doberman pinsher. the speed they move at is phenominal and chances are when he takes the duck he’ll instantly kill it in his jaws with there powerful bite. they normally attack at the neck. this will easily snap a ducks breathing cord thingy.

and between lab and a golden i would go for lab clearly because i dont like hairy dogs :P

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  1. Ryan N says

    Both are great dogs. Both do well in the water. Both have great noses and can find ducks that fall on land in the brush. Goldens are a little harder to keep groomed because of their longer hair.

    I would go with whichever dog will blend in better in your hunting situations. In a brownish, lighter-colored field, a golden retriever will not stick out as much to passing ducks. In darker flooded timber, a black lab blends in better.

    That being said, the nature of the dog (not the breed) makes him/her a good hunter.

  2. coonhunter says

    theres really no difference any dog can hunt ducks if it is trained to i would say though you need to remember they both are inside dogs and the golden would be harder to bathe with its long hair otherwise they are the same i duck hunt with a wimerimer shes short hair so shes farely easy to bathe and wimerimers are bred to be phesent hunters so like i said any dog will hunt ducks if you train it to good luck and i hope you find a dog. a good place to find puppys and dogs is http://www.puppyfind.com

  3. PeterbiltDave says

    Check out Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. They were bred by the American settlers to retrieve ducks for commercial duck hunters. They were the first American breed of dog to be recognized by AKC. They are reputed to be the hardiest of the retrievers.
    I have two. An 8yr old female & a 9mo old pup. Also female. Both love to run & retrieve.
    I have also had two Goldens. Great retrievers. I tried the Chessy because it's hair was shorter & easier to maintain.
    Check out nextdaypets.com for available pups. Look for Monarch CBR they have a new litter ready for delivery. My latest pup came from Monarch. They are located in Houston Tx. They can ship via airplane. Mine flew into Tucson.

  4. T J says

    With both Goldens and Labs the blood line is more important than which breed. They are both good in the water, and they are both versatile.
    Whichever you get proper training is imparitive.

  5. Mutt for the Truth says

    What do you want this dog to do? Point, retrieve, chase?

    Different breeds where bred for different jobs. Goldens and Labs tend to be retrievers – meaning the go get the duck after you shoot it. Pointers and Brittanys will point out the "prey". Beagles and Harriers flush it out and chase it.

  6. Leigh says

    Are you hunting field or water? The Lab is usually a slightly better water dog, both are great in the field. If you're not insistent on a purebred, http://www.petfinder.com/index.html has many mixes of the two (puppies to adult), which I have found to also be great in the field. Currently, I have 2 Goldens, both have proven to be good water dogs-one of them, I would actually call exceptional.

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