What games should I play with my chihuahua?

S: What breed specific games should I play with my chihuahua?
I have a 4 month old chihuahua and so many dog books suggest playing games that are breed specific in order to exercise the dog’s mind as well as it’s body. For example, hunting dogs should play games that have them retrieve things. Chihuahua’s are companion dogs so what kind of activities would be breed specific for her?

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Answer by Inever
Take her shopping and out to lunch?

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  1. Zachary says

    Mine is 5 months old and he love tug of war with sqeaky toys and treats is another thing not to much though they will puke. I also run down the hall while he chases me and put my hand under a rug or blanket and move it around because he thinks something is there, its so cute. Sometimes I get a ice cube and put it on the wood floor he likes to play woth it and chew it. Just make sure he doesn't choke. Mine never has though.

  2. Sora says

    My ChiChi loves playing fetch, and i have a mind game for him where i get 3 cups, put a treat under one and move them around on a flat surface. Then i let him try to sniff out what cup the treat id under, and he has to knock over the cup to get the treat. Its great mental excersise becaus he has to figure out which cup has the treat and how to get it, and he absolutley loved it.

  3. Z says

    I'd play space games with her. Allow other people in your space, next to you, and if she gets growly, put her on the ground. Many small breed owners coddle their dogs when they're guarding their owners, and this promotes aggression. I'm NOT saying this will happen to your pup, especially since you're already doing such great research, but it's not uncommon with smaller breeds.

    Treat her like a dog, not a toy or accessory. Do obedience training with her. Make her sit for food. Really, she's cute as a button, but you still need to instill structure and obedience. You can still lift, carry, cuddle, etc. But she needs to learn rules.

    This is the greatest gift you can give your dog.

    And finally, enjoy the stuffin out of her!

  4. Cindy says

    Chihuahua's where bred to be companions to humans…

    Chihuahua's get enough excise just walking round the house.
    The love fetch tho.

  5. Holly says

    im not to sure about the breed specific games but im sure your chihuahua would like playin things like abit of fetch or i no they normally like cuddally toys or maybe it would even enjoy learnin new tricks/commands hope this helped

  6. Starstruck!! &hearts says

    Chihuahuas love to play rope pulling or jumping games. Chihuahuas love running and chasing things, they also fetch and love to hide alot. If she is allowed in the bedrooms of the living rooms, put your hands under the carpet and act like something is there.
    P.S: Chihuahuas dont like to play with the same toy all over again, so everytime you play with her change to a different toy

    Hope i helpled

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