What dogs can be bred to a mini poodle?

Taylor B: What dogs can be breed to a mini poodle?
Hi, I have a female poodle and I know that other dogs becides poodles can be breed to her but I would like to know all of my options. If you have any information that can help me it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Answer by K9Resqer
Any breed of dog can be bred to any other breed of dog. The bigger question is WHY do you feel it necessary to breed your dog? Aren’t there enough homeless dogs, particularly “doodles” in shelters for you? You want to add to the pet overpopulation problem?

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  1. huntingpoodle says

    Everyone is correct about breeding. Why breed a dog unless it is going to add to the quality of the breed? A mixed breed dog won't do that, and many purebred dog don't have good enough structure or health to be bred.

    The 3 criteria I use are these:

    Is the dog healthy?
    Does it have good conformation (structure)?
    Does it have good temperament?

    When you breed your dog with another variety of dog, health and structure become an unknown.

    You can predict some aspects of temperament, but aren't there enough dogs out there with good temperament looking for good homes?

    If your poodle has enough qualities to breed, why not breed with other poodles to maintain the genetic diversity of the breed?

  2. PeaGreen says

    Don't listen to these people about breeding any dog with your poodle. Since your poodle is female, if you breed her with a dog that is too big, she could have serious problems when giving birth to the puppies as they could be too big. Think about it. Newborn poodles are a lot smaller than, say, newborn great danes.

    However, I agree with all of the other people who have said you shouldn't breed your dogs. There are so many homeless pets already and thousands upon thousands are put to sleep every year because they don't have homes. Leave the breeding to the breeders who have extensive knowledge on the subject and backgrounds in genetics, please.

  3. CF_ says

    any.. but if you want to be a good dog breeder you would only breed her to the same breed.. otherwise you will be frowned on for intentially creating "mutts"

    any unregistered dog is a mutt
    here is an EXCELLENT link about becoming a dog breeder

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