July 27, 2014

What age can a male Dachshund start mating?

Question by Peraputt: At what age can a male Dachshund start mating?
I have a two year old female Dachshund that is now producing milk. The only dirty dog that could have done this is my 5 month old male Dachshund Puppy “I Thought was a puppy”…. Could this be possible?

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Answer by Shepherdgirl
It could be possible but not likely. Your female may be going through a false pregnancy. You should get them spayed and neutered and that would take care of any un-wanted pregnancy.

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  1. Im looking to mate mine .. does anyone know how i can find other people or a website that i can go on ?

  2. kioana j says:

    your about to be a grandmother/father!

    mine studed his first litter at 7 months

  3. dogs can start having puppies by 5 or 6 months of age.
    All the information you need is on this site. http://www.dachworld.com/neuteringspaying.htm

  4. Absolutely your 5 month old male could be the father. Males reach sexual maturity from 5-8 months of age depending on the breed.
    Is there any chance that your unaltered female could have had contact with ANY other male??? (neighbor dog, stray, etc.)

    Is there a reason why you have a two-year old unaltered female? Has she seen a vet to confirm pregnancy?? If she is producing milk, that means puppies are on their way!

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