The normal age for a male poodle to start breeding?

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Ashlea Drysdale: What is the normal age for a male poodle to start breeding?
I just bought a boy toy poodle. He is currently 8 weeks old. I was wondering at what age am i able to start breeding him?

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Answer by Cookie
After completely researching his background to make sure he is not carrying the gene for PRA, CJC, heart problems, and the many allergies poodles have, then getting his sperm tested for irregularities that might cause puppies to be born hydrocephalic (water heads) or mutated, he could probably be bred safely by a year. The female needs tests for VWD (a bleeding disorder that could kill her when she whelps)CJC, PRA, complete blood panel eliminating thyroid conditions, heart problems, and of course worms.
You will need to make sure both pedigrees, three generations back, have not produced any of the poodle problems listed either. After all this, and a litter showing you produce healthy normal puppies, then you will be fine.
Make sure your vet explains exactly how to mate your dogs so your male does not get permanently damaged by a female that doesn’t really want any part of him.

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  1. JenVT says

    Well, assuming you have a poodle that has full AKC registration, you can start studding him out at about 18 months old, which gives you plenty of time to get him in the show ring and earn points towards his conformation championship and have his genetic screenings done, which include OFA hips and patellas (all three types of poodles have HD troubles), screenings for vWD, PRA, Legges-Perthes, and a thyroid panel. If you have no idea what any of these are, you have not done enough research. I recommend joining the Poodle Club of America and finding a mentor near you to help you out.

    Health and temperament problems persist in pure bred dogs because breeders don't bother to show and health test. If you have no intention of breeding to better type, temperament, and genetic health, then please don't bother at all.

  2. Horse Lover says

    When he is 2 years old and has passed all health screening and genetic testing. You do not want to pass on the following health issues that poodles are known to have.

    Prone to cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) which may cause blindness, IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia), heart disease, slipped stifle, diabetes, epilepsy, runny eyes, ear infections, and skin allergies

  3. Pamela says

    Male dogs are not ready to start being bred until they have past all of the requires health tests, including getting eyes tested. Poodles carry genes that cause blindness in them, and if it is detected they must be neutered.
    These test can not be given until the dog reaches full maturity after age 2.
    But before that he must win his Championships in either conformation or agility.
    Until all this is completed no owners of quality bitches will look at your dog.

    To save a lot of expenses of all of the testing and show him for nothing why not just have your pet quality Poodle neutered.

  4. BeanBelly says

    Breeding isn't something you just "do." You must become highly-knowledgeable and educated about both the breed you're working with and the breeding process itself. You can do this through a reputable breeding mentor through a breed club. You also need to have your dog health-checked and genetically screened (which is *much* more involved and expensive than just having a vet check-up). You need to fully research your dog's line and heritage, generations back. You also need to start preparing your dog to earn titles in shows or sport, in order to prove his worth as a stud. Once your dog becomes known among the poodle community, and is a few years old, perhaps you'll be approached by a reputable breeder who's looking for a quality stud.

    If you don't go through this process the right way (which, obviously, is long, involved, and expensive), you'll be doing a real disservice to your dog, the future puppies he produces, and dogs everywhere. There are SO many poorly-bred puppies being killed in shelters everyday. Please don't add to the problem. The last thing the world needs is more backyard bred puppies.

    Do some research before you even consider this– google backyard breeding, high-kill shelters, and responsible breeding. Hopefully, you'll decide to have your dog neutered– the responsible choice.

  5. Puppy Love says

    Males like the female dogs attain puberty at different ages. Different breeds reach maturity at different times with the smaller breeds attaining it at a much younger age. The average age for reaching puberty is around 6-12 months of age, depending on the type of breed. Once the dog reaches puberty, secondary sexual characters are developed that allows the dog to mate with a female dog. Unlike female dogs, males do not have any heat cycles and can mate with the female at any point of time.

    The right age to allow mating of the dog is once the dog has crossed one year of age even though the attainment of puberty might have taken place much earlier. If you allow the dog to mate much prior to it reaching the age of one year, the sperms may not be fully developed and fertilization leading to pregnancy may be poorer. It is best to talk with your vet and get him tested for genetic defects

  6. Autumn says

    Oh, for God's sake the poor little thing is barely out of the womb and you're already asking about back yard breeding him.

    If your dog was of breeding quality you would know the answer to your question. You have a pet quality dog NOT a breeding quality dog. Neuter him and don't add the the large number of badly bred Poodles being killed in pounds.

  7. Rayven ~ Here we Go says

    After he's obtained his championship in a breed appropriate field
    After he's reached the age of two
    After he's had the proper health clearances for the toy poodle
    After you have learned about you breed and breeding properly

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