The difference between an old english sheepdog and a bearded collie?

amrefr: What is the difference between an old english sheepdog and a bearded collie?
I’m sorry if this seems like a stupid question to dog experts, but we are looking at dogs and I want to know what I am getting. I’d like to know the difference in the breeds and their personalities. Any insight is appreciated. :)

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The breed standards describe the ideal Old English Sheepdog as never being nervous or aggressive. The New Zealand Kennel Club adds that “they are sometimes couch potatoes” and “may even try to herd children by gently bumping them.” This breed’s temperament can be described as intelligent, social and adaptable. The American Kennel Club adds that the breed has “a clownish energy” and “may try to herd people or other objects.”


Bearded Collies make excellent pets for those who are willing to accommodate their high energy level and grooming requirements. Weekly brushing is mandatory for keeping their long hair mat-free. Some Bearded Collie owners opt to keep their pets in a “puppy cut” haircut, which does reduce the need for brushing, but does not eliminate it. Bearded Collies are a very high energy breed, originally bred to work in the Scottish Highlands herding sheep. Beardies also excel at dog agility trials. A loyal and family friendly canine, the beardie can add years of pet ownership enjoyment to the home. They have keen problem solving abilities, and are a source of amusement to watch.

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  1. Jenny Manyteeth says

    OES are drovers and Beardies are herders.

    OES are rowdies and Beardies are escape artists.

    OES are twice the size of Beardies. That means twice the hair.

  2. brendan says

    Even though I am not a big fan of the American Kennel Club … the information they have on dog breeds is very extensive and accurate ( as it pertains to my dog who is a mix of Chow/Collie mix ) their website is

    The biggest thing to look at with those breeds is they have to have exercise and a job… if you have children or other animals both breeds will "herd" and can become a problem. These are working dogs so they NEED a job and exercise or they will not be as happy as they could be. They both will make great friends and they have wonderful personalities, you will laugh your a** off at the stuff they do. One big point to consider in your choice is what type of home do you have, as an apartment (even a big one) will not cut it for them.

    The fact that you are doing your research prior to bringing one home is wonderful, as most people just say " oh he's cute" or "wow that the same dog Paris Hilton wears in her bag". So I respect you for that.

    In my opinion, the decision to bring a dog into ones life and family is a big one. This animal is going to be your best friend,protector,activity partner and is going to love you no matter what.Your dog is going to feel your pain,happiness,excitement and sorrow. When adopting or buying a dog ask yourself this…

    Am I right for this dog? As the dogs parent,protector,best friend and "owner" (i hate that term, ha ha) are you the right "breed" of human for him/her?

  3. Salishan Bolt says

    Both are medium sized herding breeds that require ALOT of grooming, unless cut for easier maintenance. Both are VERY active and intelligent. The biggest physical difference is that the OES has a bobtail, and the Beardie does not. The OES has a plush thick wooly coat, and the Beardie has a shaggy, long straight coat. I personally have found the OESs to be less protective, and more playful and athletic then the beardies, With the right training and socialization both breeds would make excellent family pets!!

    English Sheepdogs
    Bearded Collie

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