August 19, 2014

The difference between a peruvian and mexican hairless dog?

Question by emarr3: what is the difference between a peruvian and mexican hairless dog?
I just recently came across a hairless dog in peru and thought that it was a mexican hairless (xolo). i later did some research and found that it’s considered a breed unto itself. i found various literature stating that it had distinct characteristics from the mexican one, but they gave no details. to me it looks like the same dog. it even comes in 3 sizes like the mexican one. can someone point me to an article describing those differences?

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Answer by Lola
Here’s wikipedia articles on each one.

It doesn’t go into a lot of detail on the differences, but they’re pretty neat.

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  1. chopper1971 says:


  2. pinkfzzymonkey77 says:

    The peruvian has pointier ears….

    The mexican hairless dog has bat like (not in this pic.) ears…..

  3. Online Help says:


    Every dog have different characteristics. Some dos are shy while some are robust. You can study more about various dog breeds here.

  4. The ears of the Peruvian hairless are 'candle-flame' shaped, and will lay back..

    The ears of the Mexican are larger and bat like.

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