The best dog food brand for great danes?

Dominique: What is the best dog food brand for great danes?
I’ve researched tons of brands but I still don’t know which is the best dog food brand for great danes, and where can I find it? the fat content is supposed to be 12-14 %, and the protein between 22-24 % if anyone can help that would be awesome thank you!

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Answer by I hate you all
James Wellbeloved, Hills, Burns are the premium brands, any of those is better than the crap they sell in the supermarkets.

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  1. Robert says

    There are many good brands. The percentage of protein is not nearly as important as the quality of the protein. Avoid anything with corn as a protein source (corn gluten is the protein part of the corn). Corn is not a complete protein, meaning it does not have all of the amino acids in the proper proportion. Only meats have all of the essential amino acids in the proper proportion. Corn protein is also very difficult for dogs to digest. On the digestibility scale for proteins corn is near the bottom – doesn't matter what the percentage is if your dog can't digest it. Orijen, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Castor & Pollux, AvoDerm, Merrick, Taste of the Wild, Canidae, Solid Gold, Pinnacle, Dogswell and Halo are all good brands.

  2. Jenn says

    Chicken soup for the dog lovers soul:Adult Large Breed. I had Luke on that for the first year of his life and he did great on it. We just recently switched over to Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream, and he's doing great on that as well. It's grain free, which I LOVE, and he LOVES the taste :)

    There are a few great ones on the market…depending on how your dane's digestion is, you may have to try a few before finding the one that works best.

    Also good are: '

    Good luck :)

  3. Nutro Lori says

    Have you looked into Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Lamb & Rice formula? It is specifically formulated for larger breeds and has protein & fat levels in the range you are looking for. It has great ingredients that are easy to digest and it is great for the skin and fur too. I believe the Protein level is 24% and the Fat level is 13%. It also has Glucosamine & Chondroitin naturally occurring to help keep the joints healthy. My mother-in-law feeds it to her large dog and she loves it. I feed the Small Breed formula to my little Lola and she loves hers too.

    I hope this helps!

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