Should i cut my labrador retrievers hair for the summer time?

dominika o: should i cut my labrador retrievers hair for the summer ?
i have a 7 month old chocolate labrador retriever .. and im wondering if i should take him to a grooming place and cut his fur a little. hes sheding alot and i feel like its very hot for him with his extra fur .. his ears have short hair and theyre nice and smooth but on his back he has a lot of fur. i was wondering do any of you cut your dogs fur ?

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Answer by Cornelius Q. Rockefeller III
You can, but it’s not really necessary. Fur also helps protect dogs from sunburn, so if you cut it you’ll need to be careful about how much time he spends outside.

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  1. Linda B says

    Do not cut shave any bit of a labs coat. If his dropping coat thats natural. Give him a good bath and then a brush twice a week. Dont use shampoos that will dry your dogs coat out. Make sure he has some sort of good oils in his food, peanut oil omega 3. Always great for any dog. What you put in comes out threw the coat……

  2. BBall_is_my_Life_921 says

    I have 2 chocolate labs and they shed like crazy. If you’re worried about dog hair get the grooming tool called the Furminator. It seriously works like the pictures where you see the dog sitting on the floor and their hair is all around it. Just take them outside and it works like a charm!

  3. Deb C says

    No. Fur insulates them from the heat as well as the cold and he's only 7 months old and doesnt even have his full adult coat yet. It could take a very long time for his coat to grow in normally at this age if you have him cut.. Labs are supposed to have short sleek hair on their ears and more on their body. It has to do with bouyancy in the water. They are after all a sporting breed.

  4. Jessayy eskimo dogs says

    i dont think you should because lab retrievers have very sensitive skin and it could get sunburn very easily

  5. dogluvr4eva says

    Yah. I work at a kennel and dogs come in all the time to get there hair cut for summer. I just recently cut my Border Collies hair and now she is so happy. She runs around a lot more too.

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