What is the oldest age a chihuahua can be breed at safely?

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ladyfish: What is the oldest age a chihuahua can be breed at safely?
I have a 4yr old chihuahua,female and wish to breed her with a smaller male chihuahua.At what age is it safe to breed and the pros and cons of breeding?

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Answer by Freedom
There are way more cons then pro’s. The breed is notorious for needing c-sections for one thing so at her age you should have 2500.00 in the bank for an emergency c-section. Just spay her if you don’t know anything about breeding. It puts her life in danger and is not worth it.

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  1. Nancy M says

    If you knew what you were doing it would be fine once the female is fully health, temperament and structurally evaluated and she is knowledgeably ascertained to have qualities that would be beneficial to the future of her breed for you to locate the best possible stud that would complement her and you used sound breeding strategies to insure that you would produce puppies that would be a benefit to the breed and sought after by knowledgeable people… but since your question sort of is a clue that you don't know what you are doing, I would think it would be wise to spay her, so as to prevent her from even higher chances of mammary cancers and other health problems, and love her for who she is — your beloved pet – instead of trying to exploit her uterus for some personal gain or gratification.

    If you wish to become a responsible breeder of Chihuahuas, please, after spaying her, take her and work with her in some performance venue and title her so that you learn about trainability, health, structural soundness and temperament in the breed — find a knowledgeable mentor in the breed that is a responsible breeder and learn everything you can from them – then locate the line of dogs that best suits your ideal of the Chihuahua within the standard of the breed and take her into the conformation ring and learn about structure, temperament, etc., then if the female you got then is a suitable potential producer for the betterment of the breed, you can locate an appropriate stud and possibly breed – again, with your mentor's input regarding the breeding and proper rearing of the pups. So basically, five or six years from now you might be ready but the odds are the female you have now will never be appropriate and again, why exploit her to just make more unwanted puppies for selfish reasons? Good luck…

    add: A very common misconception is that a vet would in any way know if a dog was a suitable representative of a breed and breed quality – they do not in any way know this. The only time a vet would know is if they themselves are responsible breeders of that breed and that is rare, very rare so taking them to the vet for assessment as to breed quality is inappropriate. Most vets do not even know the breed specific health testing required for most breed so that is something you would learn from a knowledgeable mentor in the particular breed.

  2. chihuahua mama says

    She is still a good age for breeding. I would take her to the vet and have her checked out completely. Good luck.

  3. boyfrend.steeler.#1 says

    if u are NOT a breeder then do NOT do this.! there are allready to many homeless pets uncluding dogs and cats.! we do not need anymore in this world unless u want them for yourself not for the profit you'd get outta the new pups.Just don't do it.Get her fixed or somethin.If u want a new puppy go look at ur local animal shelter or rescue center.! there is no need for MORE homeless animals.Its bad enough as it is.! i'm an animal lover and i think there is no need for homeless puppies unless 75% are adopted.till then …. no

  4. howldine says

    Visit the local Chihuahua club and have a breeder of champions evaluate her. Anything less than an animal of this quality should NOT be bred- regardless of how good a pet it is. The world does not need more pet-quality dogs- we have millions of those dying in shelters every single year.

  5. EducateDon'tJud says

    Take her to the vet and ask the vet if she is good to breed .Ask to have test run for breeding.Then try and find a breeder around you that you can learn from.Search breeding dogs read as much as you can.Have money put away many things can go wrong .And you will need to be ready before you breed not after.The only one who can say if she can breed is a vet it is not a matter of age it is a matter of health No one here can see her or run tests.

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