Is there a better food than Iams for my Brittney Spaniel?

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brath: my 5 year old Brittney Spaniel has been having seisures and he is on Iams is there a better food?
I have heard Iams has changed their formula and wondering if this is the reason. Maybe there is a better food to feed him

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Answer by hay.lee48
You need to take him to a vet asap if he is having seizures. I don’t think food would cause this but I am not sure. Best to ask an expert.

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  1. Mutt: It Is 44°F says

    If your dog is having seizures you need to get him to the vet immediatly.

    BUT Iams is horrible, and you *should* change the food though. Solid Gold, Taste Of The Wild, Wellness, NutriSource, & Chicken Soup For The Dog Lover's Soul are all great.

  2. TanDancer says

    The seizures are most likely not caused by the dog's food. It possible for toxins to have gotten in the food, but it probably would have been recalled. Iam's is not the best food; it's pretty middle of the road. The highest quality foods are going to be "specialty" foods free of corn, soy, wheat, by-products, colors, and excessive chemicals. I personally feed Blue Buffalo, although right now they are on Purina Pro Plan because of price. Your vet can put your dog on meds that will help with the seizures, and also give more targeted advice, as they can ask more targeted questions.

  3. Ardy says

    I am Not saying iams is a problem But the Best food on the on the market to date is Natural Choice for the money as it has NO Chemicals Fillers or By-Products in it I have used it for more then 20yrs

  4. Canine Friend says

    Seizures are most always early signs of Dog Epilepsy and should be taken seriously as the condition may get worse. I just don't really think food has something to do with it. Most common epilepsy among dogs is what they call idiopathic epilepsy, meaning the cause is unknown. Some breeds, however, are just really prone to this disease.

    Here's a link that can help you out with the right information. hope your dog gets better.

  5. Chelsea S says

    There are certainly tons of food that are far better health wise to feed your dog. You could try a premium food such as Nutro, Ultra, or Blue.

    If you are however looking for a high quality food (it tends to be more expensive), you could look into Raw diets(BARF) such as timberwolf, Natures Variety, Merrick etc.

    In my opinion it's the most appropriate for dogs to eat, easiest for them to digest, and though there are inherent risks, the safest as well.

    However, if he's having seizures, he needs to see a vet. No matter the diet, thats usually not the cause.

  6. bon b says

    I don't think the food is the cause of your brittany's seizures. Although, food allergies can also cause seizures. Is this food new to your dog? You first have to find out the root cause. Take the dog to the vet, and find out if the dog is epileptic, and you can get it on medication. There are also other conditions that could be causing seizures, like poisonings, low blood sugars, liver and kidney disease, tumors, but, either way, the dog needs to see a vet.

  7. Megan says

    Take him to the vet its not because of food. And yes, there is better food. Look ANYWHERE. Just because it isn't advertised as much doesn't mean its bad.

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