Is it possible for chihuahua to get pregnant by a pitbull?

kansasfarmergirl: Is it possible for my tiny chihuahua to get pregnant by a pitbull?
My chihuahua was in heat. I rescued her and this is the first heat she has had since we owned her. The only male that I know about her being around was a pitbull. But I wasnt worried because I thought that that was totally impossible. But now she is preggers! Is this even possible or did she sneak into another doggies yard when I wasnt looking?

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Answer by Jennifer T
Yes, it is totally possible, and totally deadly. Get her spayed. Pups that big will kill her.

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  1. Kit_kat says

    yes get her to the vets and tell them they will probalby want to aboort and possibly spay her as this can be deadly to her and teh pups.

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