July 25, 2014

Is it possible for chihuahua to get pregnant by a pitbull?

Question by kansasfarmergirl: Is it possible for my tiny chihuahua to get pregnant by a pitbull?
My chihuahua was in heat. I rescued her and this is the first heat she has had since we owned her. The only male that I know about her being around was a pitbull. But I wasnt worried because I thought that that was totally impossible. But now she is preggers! Is this even possible or did she sneak into another doggies yard when I wasnt looking?

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Answer by Jennifer T
Yes, it is totally possible, and totally deadly. Get her spayed. Pups that big will kill her.

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  1. cololauren says:

    Yes it can happen. Had a Scottie he got a Lab pregnant.

  2. yes get her to the vets and tell them they will probalby want to aboort and possibly spay her as this can be deadly to her and teh pups.

  3. Rachel the Wild Butt says:

    Yes but it may risk her life.

  4. a gal and her dog says:

    She could have half pit bull puppies and something else. Please get her to a vet as soon as humanly possible and have her spayed. I hope she's okay…

  5. You'd better get her to the vet. Pups that size could kill her. The vet can give you qualified advice, not strangers on the internet who have never even seen your dog, let alone examined her.

  6. Chatter Box says:

    I hope not you may want to consult your VET asap. depending on the size of your Chi, If she is very small 3 pounds or less you may want to terminate the pregnancy. Having puppies by that size of a dog could prove fatal or at the least call for a C-section. I would not want the mixed up puppy if the Chi were mine. I have two Chi's that are both spayed. I did not want them to go through the trauma that the very small dogs usually do. Call your Vet.

  7. flossie mae says:

    YES it is.The pups will be too big to pass through the birth canal and she will die not being able to have them.You should get her to the vet.

  8. my mom is a vet and her thoughts are yes its possible but its NOT safe!!! the chihuahua is tiny you said like most chihuahuas are but if the dad is a pit bull than the puppies will be too big for the poor mom! i dont know how to help you anymore then this im sry :'(


  9. pom_handler06 says:

    Yes but it is not safe. It is a huge risk for her.

  10. Totally possible, but you must have her spayed right away. She will never be able to welp such big puppies. They will crush her diaphram and may well kill her. Either that or the pups will have to be taken too soon by a very costly c-section and most will die if any will make it ay all.

    Please I beg you have her spayed asap. Tell your vet the urgency. I recently fostered a pregnant Chi who was pregnant by a much larger male. She had to have a c-section at 55 days and only one pup survived Total cost for pregnancy care, c-section and after birth care…. over $ 4,000. The mother is still having a few problems even now at the pups were born almost 8 weeks ago so that vet bill is still rising.

  11. Very possible and dangerous . You should get her fixed asap .

  12. Possible but improbable. You must have allowed her outside without an adult being with her at all times. I would suggest that you have her spayed as soon as you can. You have no idea what she was impregnated by and you may have to rush her in for an emergency C-section. Believe me, the spaying would have been cheaper. If she needs a C-section, have her spayed at the same time. Yes, they can do that. Good luck, I will keep my fingers crossed that your little girl doesn't have any serious problems due to this pregnancy.

  13. Yes but she will diy giving birth

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