Is IAMS dog food good for shedding dogs?

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rednecklady17: Is IAMS a good dog food for shedding dogs?
I have been feeding my dogs NutroMax Large Breed Adult for nearly a year now, but since starting this food, they SHED LIKE CRAZY. I’m talking, my dog walks by and there is hair following her in the wind. I know Nutro is supposed to help with shedding, but I’ve read accounts that sometimes it doesn’t help.

I just bought a bag of IAMS Large Breed (it’s a bright green bag), and they seem to really like it. I honestly bought it because I couldn’t get to the store that sells Nutro before they closed. What is the best food to reduce shedding? I know all dogs shed, but this is crazy… Thanks!
They have been eating Nutro for about 11 months. They didn’t shed this bad before. It’s both dogs too. One is a lab retriever, and the other is a yellow lab/greyhound mix. They didn’t shed this much when I was feeding them regular old Dog Chow or whatever it was – they stopped eating their old food, so I bought a better food (nutro) after doing some research.

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Answer by oliver f
No coz they test it on animals!!!!

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  1. foreignorange says

    Unfortunatly, not every dog will react the same to any food. (nutro included). I have fed my dogs Iams for years (one is 13) and her coat thrives. It is silky, thick and strong. She needs minimal brushing, and has never had an upset stomach because of food.

  2. ft3535 says

    I use Inova dog food
    my dog has allergies and I used to use the Nutro but he stopped liking it..
    so I just use the Inova dog food now…
    your dog may need to get adjusted to the Nutro so give it a little time
    good luck

  3. talisy77 says

    Try giving your dog brewers yeast, you can buy this at most petsmart and petco, this will help, there are also other brands that will help with shedding you will find in the health and medication section. Also, some dog breeds are high shedding dogs, and grooming them, or taking them to a groomer might also help get all the loose hairs out, by a good bathing and drying session. As per dog foods, most will have some additives to help with skin conditioning, but none out there will eliminate the problem completley. Iams uses alot of by-products in their foods, example if it is chicken that means they use the intestines,beak and feet. Also lots of fillers like yellow corn or corn meal (same thing). Usually the fat continent is higher in iams and eukanuba foods also. I would keep feeding the nutro foods, and try skin supplements and grooming if the problems persists take your dog to the vet their could be a medical problem if the shedding is not its normal amount.

  4. chetco says

    Excessive shedding is often the result of corn or soy in their kibble. Some breeds don’t tolerate wheat well, either.

    The best “less shedding” formulas, would be Solid Gold (fish and rice) Innova, Canidae, Wysong, Wellness. Most kibble without he offending grains, and with meat as the first ingredient. Lamb or fish is especially good for skin.

  5. Chris R says

    How long have they been on Nutro? If you just switched and they started shedding it can be due to detox. Strangely enough, if a dog is fed poor food (like Iams) for a long enough time their body gets used to it. When you switch to a better food their bodies adjust, and it can result in hair loss, bad skin, etc. After a few months this goes away and the dog looks better than normal.

    If, on the other hand, the dog has always shed a lot than it's jus the dog. You can try an even better food, like Timberwolf or Wellness, though these are very expensive.

  6. [email protected] says

    well they wont shed for long but if they did go to a doctor and the doctor will help and answer your question.

  7. HamTownGal says

    I haven't used those products, but I would try switching to another one. I have two large dogs with undercoats and one with a skin condition. I give then capsules of flax seed oil and that helps a lot. Good luck.

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