July 23, 2014

Is a great dane good dog for guarding and protection?

Question by luis o: Is a great dane good dog for guarding and protect my home?

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Answer by Eraser Eraser
A good example of the breed that was properly trained and socialized should welcome strangers with a waggily tail. I wouldn’t count on it.

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  1. ♥Friends with says:

    Great Danes are great dogs, but they are not for everybody
    Here is information on the breed that will help you decide whether or not this breed is right for you. http://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/reviews/greatdanhttp://www.dogbreedinfo.com/greatdane.htm http://www.akc.org/breeds/great_dane/index.cfm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Dane

  2. yes. mine was. just think, if u went to somebody house and just say to knock on the door. and this big ass dog comes to the door barking and growling wouldn't u think twice about going in? but yes my dane was great w/ my kids and protected my house. my husband (at the time) came in real late on nite and shadow went up the hall after him. he (husband) screamed at me get your fuckin dog. shadow was gonna tear him a new one.

  3. pro112nj says:

    NO! Try a Cane Corso.

  4. kylgoose2 says:

    No, i don't thing a great dane would make good guard dog. As everyone else says, they are gentle giants, and probably wouldn't hurt anyone. But then again, there size would frighten anyone at first glance. My neighbor's old dane had a very loud and forboding call, and just the fact of having a dog is a deterrent to thieves and all bad doers alike .

  5. i wouldn't count on it.
    while every breed has its individuals, the standard dane is a clown. of course, that doesn't mean at all that there aren't great great dane guards; just don't EXPECT it.

    as someone mentioned, i'm personally partial to the english mastiff as a guard dog. they WILL alert you, and put on a HECK of a scary show — growling, barking, roaring, fur raised. your home is definitely safe in their hands. however, they are BY NO MEANS unfriendly or vicious dogs. (as long as they're properly socialized, obviously.) they are not ATTACK dogs — they are GUARD dogs. if you want your dog to rip an intruder to shreds, mastiff usually aren't the way to go. see, their way is to corner the intruder. they resort to physically attacking only if there is a need — like in self defense. but that usually doesn't happen, because it takes a real IDIOT to try your luck with a 200-pound mastiff. and again, of course there are exceptions to the standard — a rare few might LOVE *ANY* company, while others might never warm up fully to strangers. mastiffs aren't identical to danes, though — great danes are quite considerably more athletic, and appear much more toned.

    my mastiff isn't yet a year old and has taken over his instinctual duty as guard dog. :-)

  6. I dont think so, they are offten reffered to as gentle giants. But I'm not sure. a German Shephard or Mastif would be a good watch/protector dog. I'd feel very sorry for any one who breaks into my house when I'm not here cause my GSD hasent been trained for protection, he just naturaly dose it. Pit bulls are good too, my parents had one for 13 years and she never hurt any one, but no one would get out of their car till my mom went out and told them to ;)

    Pinschers are good, rotties are good, most of those kinds.

    But the sheer size of the dane would scare most people.

  7. No, Danes are only frightening because of their size. They tend to invite a thief in and show him where the silver is hidden in exchange for belly rubs and dog biscuits.

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