How to travel Greyhound bus with a puppy?

V: How can I travel Greyhound bus with a puppy?
I want to make an 12 hour trip upstate however I have a puppy. Thus far she is extremely cooperative & quiet. I have no one to care for her while I am gone. I will be gone for 4 months but the only way I can get to my destination is by traveling by Greyhound. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I may travel on Greyhound bus while at the same time taking my puppy with me on my trip.

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Answer by lani96x
my grandma does this alll the time. just dont get caught! keep the dog quiet and never leave it out of your sight. and try sitting at the back of the bus so you can tend to the dog without others looking.

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures.

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  1. Gabbie and Sammy LOV says

    Does greyhound even allow for pets? If not, you're screwed. You're also screwed if the bus doesn't stop very often. Sounds like this wasn't a good time for you to get a puppy. I would rehome the puppy, and get another when you come back.

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