How to teach my chihuahua to be nice to people?

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Nicole T: How to teach my chihuahua to be nice to people?
My chihuahua only obeys me and my mom. She hates everyone else and I want her to be nice to other people, I try yelling at her when she tries snapping at other people, but she ALWAYS continues being mean. Is there a way to teaching her to be nice to people besides me? I don’t want to keep her locked in a room if I have people over. People like her, but she doesn’t like people.

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Answer by giggles_4evr
Typically if I remember correctly chihuahua’s associate themselves to one or two people that they will see as theirs and want to protect and make happy. Everyone else they may see as a threat; they’re big dogs in a small body. If you want you could see a behaviorist.

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  1. sdheeren says

    I'm a big fan of clicker training. You can buy a dog clicker at any of your local pet stores.

    Buy her favorite type of treat. Or I've found cheese works wonders for dogs. just make tiny little pieces.

    Now this is for positive reinforcement. So when she behaves nicely around someone else you click the clicker and give a piece of cheese.

    Here's a great guide for more advice on clicker training:

  2. RV says

    Chihuahuas are very protective of their owners. When other people come over, chihuahuas see them as a threat and try to protect their people. When visitors come over to see you, tell them to ignore the chihuahua. Eventually she will calm down. Try taking her on walks to places with people and other dogs to socialize her. Also, try to find some good training resources.

  3. Sparks says

    Socialize socialize socialize. Taking her places with you, let other people hold or pet her…I take my chihuahua somewhere all the time and she loves everyone and does not know a stranger, unless they come over to our house, then she still isn't mean, just shy and stays tucked between my boyfriend and I.

  4. barbiefl09 says

    When people come over,and are seated, then bring her out. It is a territorial thing with dogs. Let her come up to people when seated ; as people standing makes her intimidated.Also look at this link.

  5. Brian says

    Petsmart has training and I heard they are really good try to take her there. There she will also get to be around and play with other dogs and puppies and that might also help her.

  6. :x says

    my chi used to be the same way, very attatched to my mom and i and didnt like anyone else. when i moved into an apartment with my boyfriend and we started having people comming over and comming in and out often he became more socialized and he is much better behaved now. he still barks when someone knocks on the door (normal dog behavior) and when they come in he jumps to get attention but i tell him NO not yelling but sternly and he sits and lets them pet him and then he is fine and goes about his buisness sitting on the couch or playing with his toys almost like they arent even there anymore. i had to really work with him and train him on other things like sitting, comming to me when i need him to (like if he has something in his mouth he shouldnt have) and walking good on a leash. once you train on the other things, im not sure if you have or not, she will be more behaved all around and then you can get more progress on getting her socialized and listening to you when you tell her no. and yelling wont work it will just get her more worked up you need to be stern but not yell. also if you keep her locked up she will get worse and worse behaved because she will get frustrated. i promise take the time and do what i said and you will have a very well behaved chi. alot of people let them get away with how they are and not train them because they are small and that is never good because no matter what the size you want your dog to be comfortable with people and people to be comfortable with your dog. good luck :)

  7. Maxi says

    She is frightened of people which is why she snaps.
    Fear is displayed by, fighting: which is what she does and becomes agressive, flight: running away, freezing, standing still or laying down without moving and fooling around.

    Put her on a lead when anyone comes to your house and ask them no to touch, look or talk to your dog whatever she does, this will start to take the pressure off her and within a short time she will settle down and be less fearful.
    Once she doesn't growl at people allow her off lead and ask them to continue not to look, touch or talk to her, give them a couple of treat and tell them when she comes over to sniff, just to drop the treats onto the floor, make sure you put her back on the lead before they leave as the energy in the room changes when people come and go and she may start acting up again as dogs understand our world through the energy we give off, excited energy is negative energy in the dog world so she will disply fear again in the way she knows that works for her.

    Do this for a few weeks with EVERY visitor and you can even set it up and have people call just to train this and don't push her too quickly, when you think it is going well don't push it any further stop when she is winning.

  8. Mutt for the Truth says

    I would bring in a behaviorist – many things can cause aggression in dogs. Improper socialization as a puppy, fear, territorial behavior…. and most "reasons" have more than one possible "cure". Kick is, using the wrong one can make matters worse.

    Usually, in small breed dogs, the aggression is due to improper socialization or training combined with some fear (most dogs HATE having huge people looming over them.) For now, listen to her – she's obviously not happy being around other people so don't stress her out even more by forcing the issue and yelling at her.

    Wait until you can get a professional in before you start working with her.

    (PS – i can think of a few things you could try but considering i don't know you or your dog and i can't view the body language or reactions it would be very inappropriate for me to "prescribe" or "suggest" any course of action. The only thing i CAN tell you…. is that yelling at the dog will just increase the dog's frustration and won't help a bit.)

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