How to stop my chihuahua from attacking me?

tslu: How do i get my chihuahua to stop attacking me?
When my chihuahua is with my dad she becomes extremly violent attacking anyone that comes near her. She only started to do this a few months ago.

Is it possible to get her to be nice again.

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Answer by cuter_than_cute_2
she is being protective of your dad.

your dad could have a smell or a way he pets her that she likes.

shes also a female and is protective…she may be in heat.
take her to a vet.

please help me with my problem!!!

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  1. ChiChiMomma says

    I had the same problem. My chi was a sweet as could be, but then at times she'd turn wicked in an instant and attack me. The trick to extinguishing this behavior is to make her know that you are the boss, not her. Begin by pinning her down on her back and gently holding her down for a few seconds. If she resists, just keep her pinned down until she relaxes. Do this once or twice a day. The next time she attacks you, immediately flip her and pin her down in the same manner, but on her side. Keep one hand/thumb near her head to prevent her from biting you. Tell her a very firm "NO!". Keep her pinned until she relaxes. A trainer suggested this method to me and it has worked. As the trainer said, "you have to make the dog think you are capable of killing it", not that we ever would, but the dog has to have that fear/respect of you. Be firm and consistent. It may take time. Good luck!

  2. ItalianGreyhound says

    I'm not trying to make fun of you but your scared of a chihuahua? I could see like a bigger dog like a chow, or a pitbull but really a chihuahua? Well anyways you can take her to a obedience trainer. Gain her trust and sit next to your dad and calm her down.

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