July 23, 2014

How to keep my dog from shedding so much?

Question by Christina H: How can I keep my dog from shedding so much?
I have a German Shepard, but his shedding is out of control. Is there anything I can to do? I know he will still shed, I just want it to be less frequent.

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Answer by yeahoo
brush him

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  1. GitEmGang says:

    ABSOLUTELY *NOTHING* you can put IN or ON a dog will change shedding!!!

    The ONLY a comb & elbow grease.

  2. NINER ROSIE says:

    well the more you brush him the less he will shed. he will shed anyway but not as much. every chance you get to brush him the better. and plus the weather is a part of the shedding. when the weather changes the dogs under coat starts to shed making the room for the top coat to come through. you need to keep up the brushing.

  3. There are several things you can do: brushing him as you've seen as the popular answer! and also a shedding solution. I use Vita Coat Plus from Drs. Foster and Smith, a veterinary supply company. My dog loves it and her coat is so shiny and healthy with much less shedding. It initially took several weeks for the shedding to lessen, but with continued use I definitely noticed a difference. I use it every day in the morning and it's a nice treat to add to her foot! Good luck and hi doggie!

  4. jeffma807 says:

    My lab does the same thing. I brush her every day and bathe her once a week. It gets a little time consuming, but she seems to like it. It also cuts WAY down on the shedding. Good luck!

  5. bball_chik43 says:

    Brush him. then get a sweeper hose and, when your brushing him just put the hose up against him and it will just suck up all the dead hairs. I did it to my lab/boxer mix

  6. What I would do is brush him every two hours. I know it sounds like a lot so you dont have to that much. At least 3 times a day would be good. Also he might be shedding so much because of the really hot weather. Think of geting him groomed and his fur trimmed. Good luck!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Mirra Coat. It works. I have been using it for years. I prefer the powder. Worth every penny. KV Vet sells it, among others.

  8. pinkbunnylol says:

    Groom him reguarly. And make sure he has a proper diet sometimes they can have a lack of nutrition and that can cause them to shed even more. Make sure you brush him out regularly. I have to cats and when its startes to get really hot they shed like crazy. I brush them out weekly. And they love it.

  9. *Barbie Girl* says:

    OH! Well i was just watching this dog show on tv 2 seconds ago and on one of the comercials it had a special brush that would get rid of all the dead hairs and leave all the healthy hairs. It also came with a lint roller thing for only 14 bucks. I forgot the number because its an 800 number.

  10. Brush him frequently. Also, there are special brushes you can buy that help to pull fur out of the undercoat, which can be very helpful. You will be amazed how much hair such a brush takes out. Good luck.

  11. sandy4papa says:

    brush him frequently vets also have some dogfoods that reduce shedding,but they do need to shed

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