How to get my beagle puppy to stop crying when I leave?

Melanie N: How do I get my beagle puppy to stop crying when I leave?
I just brought home a 6wk beagle puppy a couple of days ago. When I went to leave for work today I put her in her crate and she started whelping immediatly. She was so loud and living in an apartment I was afraid she was going to wake my neighbors so I got her out and soothed her till she fell asleep. Does anybody have any suggestions? I can’t do that every morning or I will be late for work.

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Answer by Donny
try leaving the TV on.

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  1. cjr731 says

    you should give her a doll or something to chew or give it a pillow or a comfortable place to stay

  2. miz4x4 says

    What i learned with my puppy (of 6 months) was when i locked her in her cage, i would give her a dog treat, and then i had to close the door and walk away. They will cry; it's normal. But you have to be strong and discipline yourself to not go back in the house and coddle them. The first day i left my puppy alone in her "crate" (we call it her 'bed') she started crying as soon as i closed the door.
    But i was strong… i stood there for a minute debating what to do, but i walked away. I figured she had to get used to being alone. Now she is a year old and as soon as i put my shoes on, she runs to her bed and lays down waiting for her treat. She has gotten accustomed to her bed and she loves it there. We don't use it as a disciplinary factor either so she is not afraid of it. She actually goes in there all the time to get a toy out, or just to hang out if my wife and i are watching TV. But just make sure you have a blanket or something soft for them to lay on, and a chew toy for entertining themselves. Oh yeah; and we leave a radio on all day too for sound, so she can't hear the outside and freak out if a dog barks or something.

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