How to get my beagle puppy to stop crying when I leave?

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Melanie N: How do I get my beagle puppy to stop crying when I leave?
I just brought home a 6wk beagle puppy a couple of days ago. When I went to leave for work today I put her in her crate and she started whelping immediatly. She was so loud and living in an apartment I was afraid she was going to wake my neighbors so I got her out and soothed her till she fell asleep. Does anybody have any suggestions? I can’t do that every morning or I will be late for work.

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Answer by Donny
try leaving the TV on.

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  1. cjr731 says

    you should give her a doll or something to chew or give it a pillow or a comfortable place to stay

  2. miz4x4 says

    What i learned with my puppy (of 6 months) was when i locked her in her cage, i would give her a dog treat, and then i had to close the door and walk away. They will cry; it's normal. But you have to be strong and discipline yourself to not go back in the house and coddle them. The first day i left my puppy alone in her "crate" (we call it her 'bed') she started crying as soon as i closed the door.
    But i was strong… i stood there for a minute debating what to do, but i walked away. I figured she had to get used to being alone. Now she is a year old and as soon as i put my shoes on, she runs to her bed and lays down waiting for her treat. She has gotten accustomed to her bed and she loves it there. We don't use it as a disciplinary factor either so she is not afraid of it. She actually goes in there all the time to get a toy out, or just to hang out if my wife and i are watching TV. But just make sure you have a blanket or something soft for them to lay on, and a chew toy for entertining themselves. Oh yeah; and we leave a radio on all day too for sound, so she can't hear the outside and freak out if a dog barks or something.

  3. dingy0bama0brat says

    Sounds all like good ideas!!!

    1) why was a 6 week old taken from Mamma & Siblings? This not only makes things more difficult for you and for training… it also can cause problems with socialization of the dog. Make sure you find this puppy some doggy play-mates and arrange doggy play-dates early in life. My dad used to use a small loud clock that went tick-toc if for some reason our Beagle Puppies had to be separated earlier than 8 – 10 weeks & it helped.

    2) This doesn't sound like the proper start for create training.. perhaps, in this case, if you don't plan on coming by the house every couple of hours to take the puppy out to go potty then you might want to leave the crate door open & put down puppy pads

    3) You will have to work on a different solution than "rocking her to sleep" she will become dependant on this… unless you then plan to do the same thing every day. I would recommend with the puppy being so young that you PLAN on taking the last 1 hour to 30 minutes BEFORE you go to work as quality with this puppy. Then expect that she is goig to cry & know that she will settle down after you leave

    4) If you will sleep with a small blanket and let it get to smell like you & then line the crate with it, this will help. I don't recommend T-Shirt or other clothing items because the dog then becomes confused about what is "Doggy Property" and what is not… this could create problems when this puppy starts chewing on chewing on things

    5) Go ahead & get the puppy a few puppy toys now. Good items: Tennis balls, rope toy.. with a baby this young, you want items that won't go into small pieces that could choke (even stuffed animals have fluff that can choke)

  4. smartkid37138 says

    leave some noise on for her. her yelping won't bother the neighbors as much, and she won't feel so alone.

    leave her something to chew on, and something to comfort her. they have toys that you put snacks into that keep them occupied trying to get to the snacks; try something like that for her.

    and very important, when you get home, DO NOT immediately let her out, this will create problems in her behavior later on, talk to her while you do something else first, but let her out after she has time to calm down before you let her out,

    and when you let her out, let her run, and play and use up her stored up energy. puppies that can't get rid of stored up energy, become distructive unhappy puppies, very quickly.

  5. venkat says

    you are locking a mere 6 week puppy in the crate and there will be none to look after her.

    Better you send her back to her mother and get her back after a couple of weeks.

  6. Alias Smith & Jones says

    If you keep doing what you described, the problem won't stop. It's a conditioned behavior. Just act casually – "Bye, Fido, I'll be back later", then leave. After several days your dog will know that A) you do return, and B) whelping won't win any special treatment.

    You should get a book on dog training, and better yet actually enroll in dog training. This will help you bond with your dog, and you can address this issue.

    Finally – who sold you a 6-week-old puppy? No dog should be let go prior to 10 weeks. Water under the bridge now, though.

  7. mamamugg says

    If ya' are crate training her…Crate can NOT also be used as discipline!!!
    The idea of crate training is to give ya' puppy/dog a sense of comfort…Such as a den. Many ppl. use crate for both…Can NOT do that!!!
    Try making some tapes of ya' voice, put an old T-shirt (Dirty, that ya' have worn, so she can smell ya') seen someone suggested leaving the TV on…We do that with my son's dog…She luv's MTV!!! I Believe she thinks my son is here…Due to the music and, talking!!! She will eventually become accustomed to "her" crate…Hence: Luv'n it…Soon all ya' will have to say is crate up!!!
    Shes still very young!!!

  8. shermynewstart says

    First of all, puppies should be 8 weeks when they're weaned. This could be part of the problem. A clock with a ticking sound is soothing because it reminds them of their mother's heartbeat. You might also want to consider getting a second dog. They are pack animals & don't like to be alone.

  9. debra_har says

    First of all 6wks in to young to be away from its mama and littermates………what a shame
    Secondly a puppy should only be crated for as long as it can hold its bladder in the case of your puppy 1 1/2 hrs(1 hour for each month of age ) otherwise it will soil its crate , thus its bed and this makes it harder to house train it.
    Thirdly it probably stops crying not long after you leave.

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