How to discipline a Shiba Inu dog?

Rachel: How to discipline a Shiba Inu?
We just got a 5 month old female Shiba Inu. We are trying to train her, to come when we call, stay off furniture, not bark at tv noises, etc. When we eat she gets right in our faces and tries to get the food. What can we do to discipline her, without hurting her? Any ideas on training or discipline would be helpful. Thanks!

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Answer by stuckinyourheart
My shiba is the same way & I love him <3

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  1. ksmomof5 says

    Ideally a Shiba needs to go to a training class. We put our Shiba through two different training classes (beginner and intermediate) and he doesn't have any major behavioral problems. As far as come when called goes you really have to do this in stages. First be a few feet away and call her…when she comes give her a treat. As she master this back up more and repeat. Pretty soon you will be able to be down the hall hiding in a room and she will come. You just have to repeat over and over and over again until you get the desired behavior. Shibas respond well to treats. The best way to prevent unwanted behavior is to either make a loud guttural noise like "Auughk Auughk Auughk" or get a tin can and fill with pennies and shake it. They will quickly stop what they are doing. Good luck. A trained Shiba is a fantastic pet.

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