How rare are black short hair Chow Chow dogs?

baumann06: How rare are black short hair Chow Chows?
Hi, I have a 4yr old black shorthair Chow Chow. I bought him while I lived in Germany. Since I have come back to the states I haven’t seen very many chows and the ones I have seen have all been long hairs and red or gold in color.

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Answer by whisper.1973
black chows are not rare… however.. short haired chows are relatively rare here.

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  1. jan44me2005 says

    they are not really rare, but breeders seem to breed the rough coats. akc standards, i guess. i love chows. but as a groomer most rough coats don't like the grooming proces. i have done very few smooth coated chows. and if you get any info on any please forward to me. i love them. there are black chows, but they are the rough coated. and then there are blues. i personally like the shorthair variety, but not many breeders have them. and they don't seem to be that much different in my opinion in their coat. probably bad breeders. i'd be interested is seeing a pic of your chow. what you have in germany is diff from the AKC. but i would like to se what you have. people here seem to want the chow to be big and burly like the rough coated. we seem to want protection dogs. and the chow does portray this image. but it so frequently gets into the wrong hands. but that is probably why you haven't seen the short hair variety.please tell me if you find a breeder of shorthair that is REALLY short hair

  2. wolfribbon says

    I have a black chow. Her hair isn't real long. It's in between a shorthair and a long hair. But there doesn't seem to be that many black chows. The people I've talked to & dealt with in my work with animals all say they are afraid of black chows cause they look mean. But I love mine. She is a sweetheart.

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