How much will it cost to get my dog fixed?

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Wolf Femme: How much will it cost to get my dog fixed?
She’s an Eastern Siberian Laika.
She’s 16 months old.

How much do you think it’ll cost to get her fixed?
We would have gotten her spayed sooner; but we got her a year ago and we haven’t had any money for anything considering my dad was our main provider and he’s injured out of work.

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Answer by TonyWithLove
The cost of phone call to your local vet is usually less than 25 cents.
Unless you live in Eastern Siberia.
Late Entry : spay is always most costly than a male fix. since your girl is little older, the vet may charge little less as well.
don’t look for answers here. it’s misleading.

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  1. dog.lover72 says

    I've had 2 dogs spayed and I can tell you that it really depends on your vet- to get my Samoyed spayed I paid $ 65, but at a different vet to get my Bloodhound spayed it cost me $ 175. I suggest searching around at some offices and finding a quality vet who's prices are reasonable.

  2. grinninh says

    I don't know where eveyone lives but in the New England it is 250-500 dollars to do an adult spay.
    At the hospital I work at it is closer to 500 and we give a 35% discount to out regular customers.
    We really make no profit off of the surgery as we use the safest and of couse most expensive anesthetics and monitoring equiptment available.
    Any pet who goes under anesthesia needs pre op blood work, pre meds,blood pressure monitoring,catheter, IV fluids and temperature regulation.Post op pain medication may be an option but should always be provided for 4 days post op.
    If you take away just one of those things serious complications are likely to occur.
    The ASPCA offers a snap cetificate that many local vets take and will offer their spay for 1/2 price.

    Be aware of any spay under 200 dollars.
    Ask questions like what drugs will be administered to my pet before,during and after surgery?
    Are premeds given? Premeds cut down on pain and how much gas anesthetic is needed during the procedure.

    What gas anesthetic is used? Sevo is the safest but Iso is also quite safe. You don't want to hear any other name used or go elsewhere.

    Is a catheter placed? Go elsewhere if they do not do catheters in surgical patients.

    Are IV fluids administered? Fluids are necessary to prevent kidney damage throughout the procedure. At the very least they should give subcutaneous fluids.

    Who will monitor my pet during surgery? Make sure a skilled technician is available to monitor throughout the surgery. CVT,LVT or RVTs are skilled,educated and have to pass a rigorous state exam to acquire their license. They are also required like vets to do continuing education to maintain their license.

    What monitoring equiptment will be used? Pulse Ox,blood pressure and ekg are basic. If they do not monitor blood pressure think twice about having them do your pets surgery.

    What pain management will my pet be sent home with? Rimadyl,Metacam or Dermaxx is frequently dispensed.
    Pain management helps healing.Keeps pets away from their incisions and is just good medicine

    I know I got into way more detail then what you were asking but a spay is a serious surgery.
    Its not a procedure that cutting costs should be involved in.

    If cost is an issue contact your local ASPCA and they will give you a list of hospitals in your area who participate in the snap program.
    Still ask questions to ensure your pet does not suffer any complications.

  3. Katie S says

    I paid $ 90. My vet said that vets always break even on spayings. They dont do these for a profit. You shouldnt pay more than $ 100. Go to another vet if they ask for more.

  4. Scott G says

    A couple years ago it cost me about $ 150 to get my female dog fixed. I recently just got a boxer puppy and it is going to cost about $ 75 to get her fixed. It all just kind of matters to what vet you go to. Call around and ask for prices. Getting your dog fixed is well worth the money, for one she'll be less hyperactive and easier to control, and two, you don't have to worry about a pregnancy which could potentially be a lot more expensive.

  5. Bonnie L says

    Call you vet. At this age, it's not going to be cheap. Why wasn't the dog spayed when she was a youngster, at 5 months or so!

    Loving my Rey, neutering is different than spaying. Unless you go to some kind of spay/neuter clinic, it's going to cost way more than $ 70.00 for the spay.

  6. ♥ℓσ&n says

    each vet has their own prices.
    I cant really tell you what the costs are…because they vary.
    Call a couple of vets in ur area and ask.
    We paid about 70 dollars to neuter our puppy. He weight about 20lbs at that time
    FYI our vet charges more for spaying

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