How much weight can one sledding Husky pull?

Miss Katie: How much weight can one Husky pull on a sled?
I just thought about this and would like to know the answer. How much weight can one husky pull on a sled??

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Answer by Peter Griffin
A siberian can pull a decent amount… different for each dog. Some huskies love pulling sleds, some dont much care for it. Its all in how they were trained and whether the owner/trainer/handler made the sled pulling “fun” for the dog or a chore.
Exact amount, not sure.. I know Loki Wolfchild would know better.
A good website on dog weight pulling:

Alaskan Malamutes can pull more, they are larger and bred for hauling the heavier loads over shorter distances. Some Mals can freight several thousand pounds!

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  1. J'sHuSkY says

    I've always heard it can pull just as much as it weighs. So if it weighs 40 lbs it can pull 40lbs

  2. Loki ❆ Wolfchild says

    I think the weight pull record for a Siberian is something like 600-800 lbs…and that is the weight for one particularly outstanding dog, not necessarily every Siberian. This is a breed bred to work in large teams, pulling light loads (35-50 lbs. per dog) at moderate speeds over long distances. They are more about endurance and relative speed than sheer strength.

    Peter Griffin is right…Malamutes are much more developed for the task of pulling heavy weight. I think the record for a malamute is something like 2500 lbs!

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