How much is a purebred Siberian Husky worth?

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cotton_0069: How much is a full-bred Siberian Husky worth, with official Pedigree papers?
How much is a full-bred Siberian Husky worth, with official Pedigree papers?
I have a Female pure-bred Siberian Husky with official papers (two blue eyes), and wanted to breed her. Where would I turn to do this? Is anyone interested? I know you cant exactly put an ad out to find a stud, so what would I do?

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Answer by Noelana
Depends on where you live and who will pay. Puppies can go for $ 800 or more, I’ve known one bought for over $ 1300

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  1. Phil W says

    Loki has hit the nail on the head!

    If you do the breeding right, you won't make much off a puppy. All the required tests, vet bills etc. are expensive. Don't become a back yard breeder!

  2. Loki Wolfchi says

    Here are the facts, coming from someone who has bred Siberian Huskies for many years:

    1. I'm not sure where you live, or what registry your "official Pedigree papers" come from. Let's say they're AKC, which is the same as saying CanadianKC, or "The KC" (in the UK).

    Regardless, those papers are only as good as the breeder you bought the dog from, and don't automatically make your dog breeding quality. My first rescue Siberian came with his AKC papers (received from the pet store where he was originally bought), and he had juvenile cataracts just the same.


    2. "Two blue eyes" is about as relative to breeding quality or "worth" of your dog as her name. Blue eyes has nothing to do with the dog's original function. It is cosmetic and therefore — to a serious breeder — worthless. I have blue eyed dogs in my kennel, brown eyed dogs, amber-eyed dogs, dogs with one blue eye and one brown.

    I don't care about their eye color. I care about their genetic health and their ability to do their job.

    Sooo…what would she be "worth"? If she were to come through my rescue (as so many "full-bred", blue-eyed Siberians do), she would be worth the $ 100 fee we charge to place a spayed, vaccinated Siberian. She isn't spayed? She would be before we gave her to her new home.

    Think carefully before you decide to breed this female. Is there anything beyond her "papers" and blue eyes that makes her worth breeding? Is she a good working dog? Could she do her job? Have you had her hips xrayed clear of Hip Dysplasia through the OFA and — MORE IMPORTANTLY — have you had her eyes cleared through CERF so that you can be sure she won't pass on eye disease to her puppies?

    This is the least you can do, and the least you should require from whatever stud dog you choose, if you do indeed decide to breed her.

    If you do, be prepared to take the puppies you sell back *at any age, for any reason*, so that they don't end up in a rescue group like mine, and become MY problem. Again, it's the least you can do.

    Good luck with your decision.

    ADD: More information on breeding, including choosing a stud dog:

    Guidelines for ethical breeding practices, from the Siberian Husky Club of America:

  3. Nancy M- Happy Holid says

    Dear, you need to learn about the breed before you start making more unwanted puppies. Just because your b*tch has papers and blue eyes means very little. You need to go to the SHCA and study the breed standard – learn what the various health issues are in the breed and learn about properly assessing temperament. Spay her and train and trial her in stuff — that is a great way to learn about temperament and how structure and temperament pertain to capabilities. Find a good knowledgeable mentor in the breed and learn all you can from them about breeding, breeding strategies, genetics, and again, the standard regarding health, temperament and structure in the breed. A 'full bred Siberian Husky with official pedigree papers' is not worth much if it is produced by someone who doesn't know what they are doing except makin' puppies. They can be worth much to the breed and its future if the are produced by someone who knows and cares about the breed.

  4. Cindy F says

    Any where from nothing to several thousands of dollars. It all depends upon the dogs pedigree, the accomplishments of the dog in the show ring and in trails, the health certifications on the dog, etc.

    As from as the value of the pups if you breeder her the answer is the same but you also have to take into consideration the background and accomplishments of the sire. Odds are that if you have to ask these questions your female and her pups are going to be on the low end of the range since if she had come from a quality breeder they would have been able to tell you if she was breeding quality.

  5. zoo says

    ginbark is right on.
    If you are going to do this the right way (and there is no point in doing it the wrong way), you need to get involved with a breed club to become familiar with the breed standard and how your dog compares.
    I am fearful that since your concern is how much they are worth that your only motivation is how much money you can make. THAT IS THE WRONG REASON TO BREED!
    Besides all the initial expense of the health checks, it is alot of work raising a litter. When they get to be about 4 weeks old, you are going to have your hands full cleaning up after them and let me tell you, the "aroma" just clings in the air ALL the time. Then there is the challenge of finding proper homes, strange people coming in and out of your house.

    One other point, a "official Pedigree" is nothing more than the family tree and proves nothing. Anyone with an AKC registered dog can pay for a copy of their pedigree. Reputable breeders provide one with any dog they sell.

  6. ginbark says

    You need to have a vet x-ray her hips and elbows for OFA to certify plus any other hereditary problems Sibes are prone to plus breed to a certified male otherwise the puppy buyers can sue you for mega bucks when their pups have bad hips etc. Just because your dog has papers and blue eyes does not mean she is the quality to breed from. No one with a good certified male will bred to a poor quality unceritfied female w/o any titles. A AKC registered PUREbred dog can be worth from $ 50, a Petstore or BYB dog, to $ 5,000 for a multi titled OFA, CERFed, great pedigree dog. Champions in the pedigree are only worthwhile if in the first 3 generations. If her at least 1 parent and 3 grandparents are not CH. then she is prob a BYB dog. Just because she is a great pet does not mean she will reproduce sound pups. Rescues are full of Sibes that are being killed for lack of homes, do you want that for your pups?

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