How much canned dog food should I feed my adult papillon dog?

Jordan: How much canned dog food should I feed my adult papillon?
I just got a papillon from a family member that they rescued from a puppy mill. She is 6 years old. I just got her teeth cleaned and they were only able to keep 4 healthy teeth. So I need to know what type of canned dog food I should be feeding her. She is underweight and has very itchy skin what should I do for that?


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Answer by lucrecia
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  1. Glenn says

    Get EVO. They sell small cans as well. Very high quality. The amount is based on the target weight of the dog. Depending on his size, you may feed 1/3 – 1/2 a small can for each meal. Use the plastic lids to keep it fresh. The better quality food tends to alleviate allergies and will give her a shiny coat and bright eyes.

  2. chaz says

    Sorry canned food imo is for flavor only.
    I'd find a GOOD quality small kibble and soak with maybe a TABLESPOON of the canned food.

    I'd be looking into a super supplement and myself would talk to a holistic human or critter specialist.
    Just call your local health food store and ask if they have a bulk multi-vitamin (in powder form) they would recommend

    The itchy skin will probably clear up with good/extra good nutrition <fingers crossed it's not a genetic issue>

    ***Calendula extract, available at most health food stores, is a topical liquid that has soothing and antibacterial qualities. It may help to apply a few drops to severely infected spots or to coat the skin and brush through with a soft brush to soothe the entire coat.

    Tea tree oil is an antiseptic agent that cleans allergens off of the dogs coat. It can easily be brushed on or sprayed on to prevent itching. Tea tree oil needs to be reapplied every day to effectively soothe itch and pain, or the allergens may reappear on the skin and cause itching again

    mixture of oatmeal and water can be rubbed onto the dog's skin to help relieve dryness and soothe itchiness. The oatmeal should be left on the skin for approximately ten minutes and then rinsed off with warm water.

  3. luvexotics says

    You need to feed a high quality grain free food to have the best outcome. A great food will help her put on weight as well as help the dry itchy skin.

    Find a brand with real meats, no grains, no dyes, and no byproducts.

    Brands like blue buffalo, wellness, orejien, canidae, etc are all good choices.

    As for how much? Start by using the suggested amount on the back of the can. Then adjust based on your dogs needs, a little more to gain weight, if gaining to fast cut back some.

    Good luck. And enjoy your rescue.

  4. cjrossi says

    The can will have directions on the back on how much to feed by weight.

    Feed her maybe 1/2 to 2/3 of that. Those directions are inflated to get you to buy more dog food.

    Itchy skin may be due to either food or environmental (inhalant) allergies. You could try food trials – feeding her a hypo-allergenic food with very limited ingredients (but not the "100%/95% beef/chicken/salmon "etc. because they're not complete & balanced for long-term exclusive feeding, they are meant as supplements) to eliminate grains (a common allergen) and isolate individual meats to see if she's allergic to any. Natural Balance has a whole line of them, Wellness does too.

    Contrary to what a later poster says – commercial wet food is not inherently lower quality than commercial dry food.

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