How many times does my female chihuahua have to do it to get pregnant?

Jose L: How much times does my female chihuahua have to do it with the male chihuahua to get pregnant?
Hi i have a female chihuahua who is going on her period and i want to know how much times do they have to connect

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Answer by sadiejane
when you know nothing at all about breeding, you really shouldn’t be doing it. you are risking your dogs life – you know these dogs usually need a C – section which is not cheap.

do you know the male must be smaller than the female? do you know about the health screening tests that should be done?

get your dog spayed

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  1. Phil jones says

    Maybe instead of bitching to her and telling her to spay her bitch you give her information or don't say anything at all. Just because a bitch hasn't won championships doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't breed her. Most show dogs are interbred anyway an shouldn't be bred.

  2. believer says

    Let's see Jose L. I predict, in 65 days time that you will be on here posting a question such as one of the following

    What are the signs of labor, how will I know when she is ready to give birth?

    followed shortly thereafter with:

    Helllllllllppppp my dog is going into labor what do I do?

    Followed with:

    Hellllp again, there is a lot of blood, one of hte puppies is dead what do I do?????

    Followed by:

    My dog just attacked one of her puppies, what do I do?????

    Followed by:

    HELLLLLPPPPP!!! yet again!! My puppies are sick, my mother dog is dying, I don't have the money to take them to the vet – are there any home remedies that you all know of to help me with x, y and z?

    And finally:

    Hellllllppppppp!!!!No one will buy my ill-bred dogs, does anyone in my zipcode want a free puppy? Email me at

  3. sas1184 says

    Why are you breeding a dog when you dont know anything about the process? Sorry if this sounds rude but you are entering a commitment that requires HUGE responsibility. I wont even go any further if you do some research you'll understand what Im talking about.

  4. chihuahua mama says

    Once usually takes care of it. She will not be ready to breed until about day 10. You can breed her 2 or 3 times just for insurance. I hope she is at least 18 months old.

  5. Miss Ginger is Fancy says



    Do the right thing and have your girl spayed! She does not need to have puppies and the world does not need any more Chihuahuas!

    Please do not let her breed…she could very easily die in any part of the process.

    Please please please!

  6. HU4L<3 says

    dogs dont get periods.
    they go into season.
    obvously you dont know what your doin / going to do… fix your dog.
    unless its proven to be a good example of the breed/is registered/won chapionships.

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