How many puppies will my chihuahua have?

PRISCILLA H: My dog is a chihuahua and is expecting. How many puppys will she have?
How many puppys can a chihuahua have?

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Answer by amandajoy
well since chihuahuas are pretty small dogs she’ll probably have 1-3. they cant really carry a lot of puppies considering they are small.

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  1. Ayah I says

    i dont know
    ……….if its a tiny chihuahua then it gonna have 5 or under
    ……….if its a big one 4 or more

  2. b_bardi99 says

    if she is near the end of pregnancy(close to 60days) get the vet do an x-ray, so you will know for sure!
    and:just in case, she cant give birth, ask your vet for his cell number:In case your dog needs a C-section(happens)

  3. bad kitty says

    well i'll give you at least you can spell chihuahua correct. there's a point.

    wave a palm leaf over her head. count how many leaves wave in the wind. that's how many puppies she's going to have.

    i mean seriously how is anyone on here going to know?? we've all left our crystal balls in our other pockets sorry.

    or you can do it the responsible way. when she's near the end of the pregnancy take her to your vet, for another prenatal checkup. have x-rays done. have the vet count how many puppies you should expect. have the vet measure the heads of the puppies compared to the pelvic opening for mom. if the heads are bigger than the opening, plan on paying for a c-section. an ultrasound can be done sooner than an x-ray but it's not as accurate. this is because the sound wave can actually bounce and reflect off of a puppy and make it appear to be two seperate pups. or a pup could be missed all together. an x-ray after 50 days or so should show you how many spines and heads are in there.

    i'm assuming you did all prenantal genetic testing on mom and the father prior to breeding. i'm also assuming that mom and dad are both champion lines and meet or excede breed standard. i'm assuming this becuase it's late and i hate going to bed irritated.

  4. huckleberry says

    Why don't you do some actual research? How can anyone on Yahoo tell you how many puppies she will have?

    You could go to your vet and have an ultrasound done. That would give you an educated guess anyway.

  5. iBePWNIN ♥We says

    One to three.
    Shouldn't you of read up about this before you allowed your b1tch to get pregnant?

  6. ~♥Stephanie L says

    well hold on let me get my x ray machine out and go pick up your dog then i can tell you. oh yeah why would i do it when you should have taken the dog to the vet to get it checked out.

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