How long will it take Chihuahua puppies to open their eyes?

Jessica: How long will it take Chihuahua puppies to open their eyes and walking around?
Ok my Chihuahua just have puppies and we are wondering when the eyes will open and walking around.

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Answer by Lights&Sounds
They’ll open their eyes about 12-14 days so it’ll be a while.

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  1. misstraceyrick says

    Ahh bless – little weeny ones – lovely! Congratulations firstly, how proud are you ha ha? Their eyes will start to open in about 7 – 10 days, maybe longer as they're all different. The eyes will start to open from the inner side first, near the nose so they'll look a bit strange until the eye is fully open. All pup's eyes are dark blue when they first open and its so attractive you want them to stay that way ha ha but they change again in a few months! Their ears are closed as well so they're deaf for the moment – they open around the same time as the eyes so all your cooing etc has gone to waste ha ha. They'll find their feet when they're around ten – twelve days, you'll notice that they can move around a little more quickly and once they really find their feet there'll be no stopping them ha ha, that'll happen at around two and half weeks – by three weeks you'll be tearing your hair out – you'll wake up and the little souls will be all over the place crying for mum to bring them back ha ha, its a really lovely time for all involved, enjoy it because it passes far too quickly! Best of luck with everything, congratulations again, new life is so lovely.

  2. cav mom says

    at around two weeks you will start seeing little shinny spots at the inside corner of the eye, by 3-4wks. the eyes should be open.

    3-4wks. pups should be trying to get up and walk a little and by 5-6wks. should be walking.

  3. Steph says

    well my dog had babies and shes a pit and her babies opened their eyes in 10 days it probley just depends at first puppies eyes look like their kinda retarded but they straiten up and fix i bet ur puppies are cute

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