How do I teach a Blue Tick puppy to start hunting?

Sarah: How do you teach a Blue Tick puppy to start hunting?
Ive got a 9mnth old Blue Tick Coon hound and I need to know where to start so I can get her hunting!
Im not hunting birds so it’d be squirrels, coons, rabbits, foxes, those things.

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Answer by Judy S
Find some one else with an older trained coon dog and ask if he would let you train your dog with his . They learn this way faster.

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  1. Tryin' Again says

    There are THOUSANDS of coonhuntin' clubs. Check w/UKC or AKC for one nearest you.

    Get a tiny bottle of coon scent… get some light weight rope & a rag(or a green coonhide!) & lay a drag…encourage dog to track. Rub drag up the tree & toss over the highest branch you can. PRAISE for locating & STAYING treed! Encourage & praise it for baying "treed"!

    Do ****NOT**** allow it to run trash!! STRAIGHT coon or whatever else! You'll get in DEEP stuff if you allow an un-trash-broke dawg to run wild.

  2. janice h says

    First things first. Your puppy needs to complete a through obedience class. This will put you firmly in charge of your dog and make her know when she is working. Next contact your breed group of the American Kennel Club and they will direct you to approved trainers in your area. If that doesn't help contact your breeder. I am sure that they would know of trainers. Last but not least do an internet search being very specific about looking for a hunting trainer.

  3. havealittlepitty says

    9months is a bit old to start. But I guess its never to late. You need another very well trained dog for her to follow around. Look into local hunting clubs, they usually have a program for people in your situation. Each breed of hound has its own style of hunting, so you need a dog of same or similar breed. For example, a beagle or cur will hunt totally different than your coon dog! You also can't teach a dog to have the 'drive' it takes to be a hunting dog. Its something they are born with, it does help that the bloodline was bred for hunting (as opposed to show quality, or just pets). There is not much you can do on your own, you will need to find a good dog/handler mentor to help you.

  4. AUSSIEMOM says

    did she come from hunting lines? if so,, contact the breeder and they can guide you in the right direction

    if she is from show lines,, she may not have much hunting instinct

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