How do I take care of a mini pinscher puppy?

liveit: how to take care of a mini pinscher puppy?
I will be an owner very soon of a mini pinscher puppy.
I have a lot of questions but is there any good book?
Any tips,
how to train, things i should watch out for, very important facts, basically everything and anything about caring for a mini pinscher puppy.
** oh do i have to walk it as much because he is a puppy?

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Answer by Labrdogs Canine Kids
short short walks with puppies. and just puppy proof your home, be ready with cleaners for the many accidents and enjoy the puppy days cause they grow up way to fast

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  1. ironhead041550 says

    I have two min-pins, male and female. They are easy to train. They are very active dogs. First of all do not feed them table scraps, their digestive systems can be sensitive. When you leave the dog at home for anytime make sure you potty your dog before leaving. You might need to crate your dog when you leave because they can be very active. I always try to leave plenty of toys to keep my dogs occupied. They are high jumpers at maturity and can possibly jump fences. Mine tend to be very protective and territorial. My male also hates children. My dogs love to also sleep under a big comforter at night. Feed your dog Iams small dog fed. I also have to watch when picking up dogs because they will tend to jump out of your arms no matter how far from ground they are. they are very smart dogs and pick up on things fast. Good luck and enjoy your new companion. What are you gonna name him or her? My dogs names are Buster and Lexi.

  2. charmed_and_delighte says

    Puppies are so cool! I have a half mini pinscher half weenie dog. i tell people she is a weenie pincher. lol. The only problem we have now is that i am the only person she will go outside for. Be sure to dry it good after a bath. They tend to be very active. Make sure it has plenty of toys to keep it busy when you are not going to be around. Im sure there are plenty of other things i could tell you but thats all i can think of for now! Hope this helps!

  3. roseyrevisited says

    i have a mini pin hes 4 now and i love him to death! congrats to you.. he was fairly easy to housebreak one thing you have to watch for is that mine he is allergic to fleas and has to go the vet so be sure to get flea meds when old enough.. make sure and socialize him i didnt and he hates other kids, mine he loves but other kids he likes to chase and bark at them lol anywho other than that just give em lots of love good luck! oh yeah they love to chew up lots of stuff be prepared lol

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