July 28, 2014

How do i stop my dog from shedding so much?

Question by wickid_klown02: How can i stop my dog from shedding so much?
I am looking to stop my dog from shedding so much so if there are any home remedies that work or recommendations of good store bought products please let me know what really works!

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Answer by molly
get him groomed.

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  1. cloverivy says:

    Brush, brush, and brush. Only thing that really helps shedding is brushing the dog's top and bottom coat.

  2. berningme says:

    There are special foods available that may help minimize shedding, but certain breeds will always shed, regardless. Your best bet is to just make sure you brush them. Some breeds have multi-layered coats that will cause them to shed even more and there are brushes that help get through those layers. Good Luck.

  3. frannie says:

    shave all of its hair off

  4. mike2005 says:

    Give good food of course. Also, there is a brush called a shed ender that works great. It really gets that loose hair out. Use that twice weekly and it should help with the hair being everywhere.

  5. mytwodogs60463 says:

    you can buy something at the pet store for that. they sell products to stop shedding in all pet stores.

  6. tirebiter says:

    i saw this comb on tv – i think its called "shed-ender" – they say that's what the groomer uses – - good luck!

  7. LuciLill says:

    Brush him every day and bathe him once every couple of weeks… You shouldn't shampoo him that often but getting him wet and brushing him will get allergens and dirt out of his fur and will get rid of the loose fur before it gets onto surfaces and into the air… The only answer…. Don't be a lazy animal owner

  8. butterflychampain says:

    grooming……keep him brushed and clean

  9. clean him and brush him every day thats all i can think of im sorry that i have never heard of anything to stop a dog from shedding bur brushing it will keep its fur from gettitn all over the place

  10. PuppyLove says:

    Obeince school or if you dont want to spend money train him make a gate and show him how bad it is to shed

  11. Stormy Skye says:

    brush him frequntly, and bathe him regularly

  12. lovedbythemanwhohung says:

    what kind of dog

  13. It depends on the dog, but one good way is to brush your dog more often. Another good way is to give your dog better dog food.

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